Hastings Blues & Gospel Festival – St Mary In The Castle Hastings with Sherman Robertson 1990’s

Supplied by John Winch

Earl Grey… I’ve got a feeling this was 2000 and I was there. It was an all day thing so my memory may have been compromised by beverages

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Earl but looks like it was 1999 as that was a Saturday.

John Lee and The Groundhogs – Witch Doctor St Leonards On Sea 24th July 1965

cover: https://www.discogs.com

Tim Moose Bruce… Tony McPhee

Judith Monk… Just seeing the poster takes me straight back.

John Winch… I did the support (I think it was on this tour of his when he was alone) for John Lee in Brighton in the Wintergarden over the Aquarium. He had two bottles of whisky in the dressing room and had drunk at least half of one of them. While I was playing and halfway through a song, he came out onto the stage holding them both and put the half-finished one down in front of me, nearly fell over, and said, “…. you drink that , I’ve got the other one here, now let’s play something boy.” (Probably thought I was crap white boy trying to play the blues) He then went straight off into one of his rhythmic half hour Blues and left me to follow where I could. Lot of blues concerts in those days, I had a chance to do a bit with Sonny Terry and Brownie in Brighton and John Hammond Jnr: somewhere up country. Also played in the back room of a club in Brighton with Blind Gary Davis. Sadly, so I heard, someone ripped off his J200 that night back in London.