Hastings gas office – Queens Road Hastings

supplied by Valerie Churms, Hastings & St Leonards Pictures & Videos

Valerie Churms… The old Hastings Gas offices in Queens road. destroyed in 1970. Don’t know what happened.

Tim Moose Bruce… Gas leak

Jeremy Peter Harrison… This photo is later- we went decimal in 1971. The Ford Granada was launched in 1972. I thought the gas site was demolished to build Safeway’s?

Jim Breeds… it was

Jon McCallion… Bought one of my early cars from that garage in the picture. It was a Volkswagen Beetle 1600. A guy called Malcolm owned The garage at the time. 1976

Alan Vale… I moved to where I am now late 1986 and I whatched over time they demolished the old gas works, built Safeways which is now Morrissons. I think that Gulf garage was a Shell garage when I arrived. Now a block of flats

Dave Nattress… A Granada, Mk 3 Cortina and petrol prices a gallon I’m guessing!

Why are Cds so tightly wrapped in cellophane?? asks John Gale

John Gale… Why are Cds so tightly wrapped in cellophane?? Not good for old gits like me with arthritis,,,, Another reason why vinyl is best

Alan Esdaile… I’m glad it’s not just me then.

Jim Breeds… You’re also tightly wrapped in cellophane!!!??? :Taking coronavirus precautions a bit too far, I think

Peter Millington… It may be to stop the unscrupulous twits from stealing the contents and putting the box back on the shelf!

John Gale… Not if you buy online, which I do but via Hive so that my favourite bookshop/ records hop gets a cut,  It’s just too much for my old hands

Graham Sherrington… The sleeve could just have a security sticker over the edge. Coconuts here in Florida are wrapped in Plastic film. And so are single large potatoes!!!

Martin Richter… vinyl is better – mainly because i can’t read the sleeve notes on CD’s !

Richard J Porter… I use a sharp craft knife inserted carefully in the crack where the case opens then simply peel back.

Mick O’Dowd… Everything seems to be packed in unbreachable shrink wrap these days!

Andy Davies… Well a sharp knife is all you need for the cellophane, decent knees are needed to keep getting up to turn the record over.

Dave Nattress… They sure can be a pain to open and “Be Careful With That Axe Eugene” – Pink Floyd was it, or the the knife, so as not to scratch the cover especially with those in the cardboard packets. But…actually it’s every damn thing these days – shrink-wrapped, like my morning half a packet of ginger nuts to be dunked in the coffee, try and open the packet – you need a sharp knife carefully gauged between a couple of bickies. Sign of the times I guess to stop people tampering with food-stuffs etc. etc. – as happens or like someone said, opening packets and pinching stuff etc.