Billy Fury – ABC Cinema Hastings 30th October 1962

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andy Qunta… Must have been great to see so many artists on one night, but it looks like they would each only be able to play for about 10 minutes! Also, that’s a lot of people to share the takings!

Mick O’Dowd… It was good Andy but it meant they could each play their greatest hit at least which is what most people in those days went to see artists/groups for anyway. When I saw the Who on the Pier they played Tommy (it had just been released) to much silence until they played their hits and the place went wild. Same when I saw Elton John/Beach Boys/ Eagles etc. at Wembley Stadium about 72 The BB’s played all their well known stuff and blew the place away. Elton came on last and proceeded to play “Captain Fantastic ” album which is pretty dirgy, and the place emptied and you could stroll up the pitch to the stage. As soon as he played old tunes WHAMMO!

Peter Fairless… Beside the infamous ‘Come Outside’, did Mike Sarne do anything else?

Colin Norton… Will I What”, “Just For Kicks”

Colin Bell… He followed it up with ‘Will I What’ with one of my 60’s favourites Billie Davis.

Peter Fairless… Just listened – same song, innit? Sounds like early Bowie

Andy Qunta… That’s a star-studded bill! Must have been a great show to go to back then!

Colin Bell… I was still going there for the ABC minors on Saturday mornings then

Mick O’Dowd… Faves were Peter Jay & if I remember correctly the Tornadoes appeared (they had been Billy Fury’s backing group).

Stephen Moran… I was at the British Library yesterday going through the Hastings Observer archives and saw the page that advertised the Billy Fury gig at the ABC. I used to see films at the ABC during the sixties but I didn’t know that they also put on live music.

supplied by Stephen Moran

Mick Turner… That is what you call a Show and I was there!

Jean Parks… was at this show & others like it including 2 Cliff Concerts!

Andy Qunta… that’s great! Must have been fun!

Daryl Perkins… that was the year I was born!!!

John Scaife… Still got “The Sound Of Fury” (10″ Album)

Tony Davis… I went to this and think Billy Fury was backed by the Tornados. I seem to remember them playing Telstar

Peter Fairless… I kind of imagined that for this sort of gig they’d all be backed by the same band. Was that not the case, changeovers must have been a pain?

Tony Davis… thinking back I suppose they did. I think I was 10 at the time so just starting out on my musical path

Stuart Moir… My late wife would have been at the Billy Fury concert, she was a total hysterical fan

Sean Connery R.I.P.

Sean Connery shooting the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 31 July 1971. photo: Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANeFo), 1945-1989

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Julie Findlay-jones… Noooooo

Jacqueline Marsh… Heartbroken RIP

Ian Luck… RIP what a legend

Steve Thorpe… 1st and best James Bond. RIP

Yvonne Reynolds… Rip

Rosemary Battle Hughes… Rest in peace Sean you will be sorely missed xx

Gail Edmunds… No way

Dennis Torrance… Oh no not Sean as well gone, like many grown up with the best James Bond . His other films as well RIP 007 Sean condolences to family and no doubt his many friends

Louise Burt… The best Bond to me as well

Graham Sherrington… Tommy Boy, I knew his nephew in Ft Myers believe it or not. He works in the local Library RIP Sir.

Gaynor Lewry… Rip Sean absolute legend

Colin Bell… It feels like losing a friend, he was such a familiar face and voice. Best Bond, no question RIP Sir Sean.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… yes, best Bond 🤵, sad news

Ricky Adelaide… True legend

Paul Marshall… Nooo

Nicki Dann… Oh no . Legend

Dave Stringer… Great actor awesome shaken not stirred

Sarah Marriott… My favourite all time actor 😭😭😭 and by far the best James Bond. RIP you were and always will be a legend

Steve Cooke… He WAS James Bond. RIP

Pauline Sims… RIP Sean – another legend gone, sad

Cally Hopkins… Shame.. RIP you gorgeous man

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, so handsome and great actor R.I.P. Sean Connery 🙁 xx

Colin Norton… RIP SIr Sean

Peter Fortsch… The only proper James Bond 007

Steve Thorpe… The iconic Bond. RIP

Josephine Claire Hamill… Aw….

Nicola Barfield… I’m gutted that voice and my favourite film is The Rock

Pete Houghton… RIP Sir Sean Connery one of Our Great Actors Loved your Film’s Another Great Legend Gone

Bernard Goffredo… Sad news grew up with him as Bond and he was the best

Yvonne Ellis… His family in my thoughts and prayers x

Jacquie Hinves… Another legend has left is. RIP.

Karen Towner… The best . RIP

Alan King… forget James Bond, he was in Hell Drivers – what a cast that film had – Herbert Lom, Syd James, Patrick McGoohan, William Hartnell and David McCallum and none of them were playing the lead. James Bond, The Man From Uncle, The Prisoner, Doctor Who, The Ladykillers and Bless This House all in the same movie


Country Air – early 70’s – The Carlisle



photos supplied by Erica Roberts via Barry French

Barry French… These show the early 70’s band called Country Air. They played extensively around Hastings. This photo was taken at The Carlisle. On vocals is Erica Roberts, drummer is Cedric (Blue) Hellier, on rhythm guitar is Roger Messetter & lead guitar slightly out of shot was Mervin Toft.  The bass player (Not shown) was either Paul Hugget or Bruce ??? I saw them many times. They were a very good band playing Country & Western & a range of sixties & seventies music.

David Edwards… What happened to band members?

Peter Simpson… Paul Huggett is still living in Hastings and still has some involvement in the local music scene. Merv Toft, sadly, died some years ago.

Paul Huggett… Would be me on bass, yes. 😊 Cedric has been all over the world, eventually became captain on oil tankers, now retired and back in Hastings, building his own boat! Roger passed away a few years ago.

Harry Randall… RIP Roger used to play bass in my first band “The Chain Reaction”! John Petrie (Lead Guitar) HARRY Randall (Rythm) Roger Messetter (Bass) and Archie Pelham (Drums) Phil Booth on Vocals

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Hastings Pier 12th June 1980

Joe Knight… Brilliant band in the 80s

Leigh Wieland-Boys…. Went to this but unfortunately they were unhappy because everyone was chanting “Geno” – they walked off stage!! Came back on again but with attitude! Still liked them though.

John Austin… I was there !

Chris van Rock… He was paranoid from drugs … brilliant passionate genius but troubled genius who made one of the best albums of 1980

The Carlisle Hastings May 1985

Bonx Trigwell… Played there a few times in the mid 1990’s…

Chris Jolly… Louis and Roger!

Karen Sweatman… English Rogues were a great band as were Roadhouse. Happy memories

Roger Carey… I worked with Louis and his band many times in the 1980’s:- sometimes a duo gig came up like this one! Hello Bonx, Hello Chris!

Gary Lancaster… I was very good friends with Louis son whilst at school, if it’s the same Louis Turpin that’s from Rye!


Hope & Anchor and Red Cow London 1975

supplied by Alan King

Geoff Peckham… Wow! I remember playing at the Hope and Anchor with Factory. This would have been after my time. We played lots of London pubs during the pop-rock era. This would have been towards the end of it and the beginning of the punk era.

Andy Qunta… I found it in the Factory archives. 1975.

John Gale… Wow, great posters ,,, Kilburn and the High Roads was Ian Dury’s first band

Mike Curtis… I’m sure I saw Factory at Hope and Anchor around 1971/72.

Liane Carroll… Wow. That is such an interesting poster. Will tell Roger Carey

Andy Qunta… Factory had just finished a 16-day residency at the PN Club in Munich two nights before. We drove about 18 hours, straight through Europe, across the Channel, and up to London to the Hope & Anchor. The load-in at this venue was through the hatchway down from the pavement. You had to lift up the wooden covers and load everything straight down, Hammond organ and all, the same way they loaded the beer barrels. Somehow we still had the strength to put on our usual energetic show!

Pete Prescott… We backed onto that hatchway. the guy went nuts ! Great poster. I played there in 1976/77. Punk had just hit. what a summer !

Terry Pack… I remember that, Andy.

Tony Qunta… Yes! They were great times!

Andy Guainiere… Used to play both those venues in the mid 70’s Loved the Red Cow always a good gig.

Pete Prescott… I remember the Bridge House canning town, Brecknock Camden town, Windsor castle, The Kensington, The 100 club, The Speakeasy, Ronnie Scotts, The Greyhound and the Thomas a Beckett ! Gig list from 76/77…

Mark Rodrigues… London college of furniture?

Andy Qunta… wow! You guys were busy! Factory was similarly busy in ‘75/‘76. A few of the gigs on your list we did, but not that many. It just goes to show how many gigs there were then! Could a band these days play 10 or 11 nights in a row like we used to back then?

Andy Guainiere… We obviously played many of the same venues back then Windsor Castle, 100 club, Kensington, Western counties, Speakeasy to name a few. All these venues were packed back then and a real music audience. great times.

Simon Shaw… Oh, how I wish I was born 10 years earlier!

Tim Moose Bruce… Red Cow. 1976 a certain Aussie band with a schoolboy on lead guitar did their UK debut gig there.

Alan King… i did see them play in a bar on that first tour, was never a fan, but it was a great gig, way too good to be playing the pub circuit but you gotta start somewhere

Colin Gibson… I know people who still have bad backs from Hope+ Anchor + Hammond + Leslie

Alan King… Leslie Hammond always had a bad back, he should have tried that thing the Chinese do with the needles

Marcus de Mowbray… I saw The Fabulous Poodles somewhere in London, but cannot remember where. Good gig, bought their album. Shame they never got further.


Trying to locate members of Bern Elliott & The Klan

Michele Wilson asks

I am trying to locate the old band members of Bern Elliott’s group The Klan. They were on Ready Steady Go 4th September 1964. Can you help me. I am trying to put a programme together about the band. Thanks. Miles & Michele Wilson.

Terry Lucas… Hi luv I tidied Bern and The Klan Dave cameron, ex Fleewrekkers, lead guitar, Tim Hughes rhythm guitar and vocals( passed away) Andy Knottley skins, Trevor Haworth bass I think, memory is failing me, this might help though

Michele Wilson… Hi Good to be in touch, I was Tims sister. I remember you well. Please send me details of Bern Elliot and any e-mils to get in touch with. Love to tlk to you again. Michele

Bob Pateman… Hi – I know of Tim Hughes more as a Hasher than a musician. I just looked up the Fernmen on Wikipedia and did not see Tim listed as a band member? Any explanation?

Roger Humphries… Terry Lucas. …. I’m sure that John (Silbey) Pierce was the bass player with The Klan. and the band also had an organist (Vox Continental) played by a guy who lived in Maidstone Road, Chatham.

Roger Humphries… John Pearce was definitely the bass player with The Klan. …. When the band split he joined Candy Choir and in 1968 he became a police officer based in Kent. …. John is on Facebook.

John Pearce… Hi There, I’m John Pearce and was the bass player of Bern Elliott & The Klan when it was formed in 1964. In any documentation you have about the band, it will show my name as Jon Silby Pearce. This was the idea of Ronnie Vaughan Bern’s manager, Silby being my second Christian name and H being dropped from John was also his idea. If you need any further info I’d try to help.

John Pearce… in reply to Bob Pateman… Tim Hughes was rhythm guitarist of The Klan and I played bass. We were both head hunted from a semi pro group called The Cortinas based in the Medway Towns when The Klan was formed. Tim passed away some years ago, I believe in Thailand.

Lee Elliott… Hi I’m Berns son Lee, my email is

John H Warburg… (in reply to Terry Lucas) Bern Elliott on lead vocals (b. Bernard Michael Elliott, November 17, 1942, Erith), Dave ‘Tex’ Cameron on lead guitar (b. David Cameron, October 21, 1939, Ealing, West London), Tim ‘Magic’ Hughes on rhythm guitar (b. Timothy John Patrick Hughes, 1944, Little Ashton Park, Staffordshire d. Friday, January 23, 1998, Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand), John Pearce on bass, a guy on Vox Continental organ and Pete Adams on drums (b. Peter Adams).

Autumn , Fusion Orchestra, Steve Maxted – Aquarius 27th Oct/3rd Nov 1973


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Pepper… Fond memories dancing to the latest sounds in the early seventies on a Thursday night and DJ Steve madman Maxted at the decks . Was a big influence !

Jan Warren… Oh yes, Fusion Orchestra!! – I LOVED that band – I saw them many times, first at the Aquarius in Hastings, then I moved to London and saw them many times at The Marquee Club, Wardor Street, London – I still have my original copy of their (one and only) album “Skeleton in Armour”, plus I still have several posters and newspaper cuttings!! – brilliant band, still play their album!! 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Great band Fusion Orchestra. Saw them loads of times and the album does still sound good.