Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Hastings Pier 11th October 1975


poster supplied by Mick Mepham, advert supplied by Andre Palfrey-martin collection

and from 1977 -Somebody’s Fool


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….October 11th, 1975. Not sure why ‘Quiver’ was dropped from the advert. Most likely couldn’t fit it in the advert space. Always remember Tim Renwick breaking a string during one of their songs and cooly changing it during the song itself without it seemingly making any difference.

John Wilde….I was there and was also greatly impressed by the string change with little effect to the song. It was a great night.

Perri Anne Haste..Arms of Mary was my favourite song of theirs – Still love it now.

Jim Breeds…..Perhaps the two Sutherland Brothers occasionally still gigged without the Quiver boys? Interesting, ‘cos having got together with the Quiver band they recorded and toured together for several years until there was only one original Quiver guy left and the brothers went back to being a duo. One of the Sutherlands wrote Sailing, which was such a huge hit for Rod Stewart

Sarah Harvey……I am pretty sure I saw the band twice on the pier and one of them could have been during 1974, but this advert and the picture is definitely from October 1975

Henry Mann….Went to this and pretty well every other for the next few years.

Philip John….Back in the early 70’s Sutherland Brothers & Quiver supported Mott on their British tour and Colin Waters their roadie shared a house with me and other assorted crew menbers. I remember they were asked to play at Mick Jaggers birthday party at a hotel on the Thames. it was a really good gig and Tim Renwick ended up jamming on stage with Keith and Charlie. As rock stars don’t eat much we were able to take home enough party grub to feed us all for a week.

Andy Qunta…..Factory supported Sutherland Bros & Quiver somewhere in England around this time. They were great! I seem to remember we all had a jam at the end of the night, & Dave Gilmour got up & played too! Years later Tim Renwick played with the post-Waters Floyd, along with my friend Guy Pratt from Icehouse, so I saw him quite a bit around that time. Nice guy!

Nick Prince… I know the Quiver years were 1973-1978, So if this was 1975 they should most definitely be playing at this gig. Jim. I like your idea of the three/six digit numbers but not all of Hastings and St Leonards went over at the same time. The Baldslow exchange, numbers starting in 75 went six digit as early as the sixties but some areas around Silverhill were still using 3 digit numbers at late as 1979. You are quite right about SB and Quiver years being 1973-78.

Tony McEwen-Smith… Great band, got their LP

Gavin Martin… Couldn’t make it. Actually, I’m lying. In the arms of Mary.

Paul Morfey… I was at that gig, great band, great gig!!!

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