Hastings memories from Paul Black.

all photos supplied by Paul Black

Paul Black… 1955. The picture postcard of the West Hill, Hastings was sent by a cousin and she wanted me to remember where I was christened – All Saints Church. The next pictures are from a trip my brother and I, and our wives took in 2005. The 4 people on Hastings Beach are my sister-in-law and my brother from Texas and my wife and I.

Paul Black… In the beach picture, I am finishing up my cup of cockles. I remember them vividly as a child as well as Hastings Rock, and of course, the little train ride. Thanks Alan for posting these. I hope people enjoy them. I loved our trip “back home”.

round little scar… who remembers the bcg jab?

photo source: unknown

Martin Richter… BCG?

Arthur Sutherland… No, Smallpox.

Mike Guy… Correct.

Allyson Breeds… Yep BCG.

Judith Monk… I have 4 of them, well travelled army brat…

Steve Reents… Yep

Barry Newton… Its the only tattoo I have

Leigh Wieland Boys… Mum had ours done on our thighs….these days it isn’t little!!!!

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes

Ricky Adelaide… Yep

Mick Burt… Yes

Glenn Piper… Oh yes

Paul Crimin… Yup

Peter Houghton… Yes

Elaine Stock… No, unfortunately, I paid the price and picked up the disease!

Stuart Moir… No

Oliver Leonard… Yes

Mick O’Dowd… I didn’t have to have one because my test was positive(?) so me and our family had to spend time visiting the then Eversfield Chest Hospital in St. Leonards as apparently I had been in contact with an infected person. There was no test & trace apps in those days.

Beki Milton… I remember but never had a scar

Renzi Lowend… Nope, I was immune…then was tested again when I joined the Ambulance Service (coz they didn’t believe me) same result, immune… Wonder why

Mike Guy… Probably because like me you’d been exposed to a mild form of TB, or got antibodies from Mum? I had same result & had to have a chest X-ray to check for lung scarring, I was lucky – no visible damage. People that show anger over this probably don’t know much about TB & the damage it used to cause here.

Andy Warren… Same. Tested positive. X ray. Think I may have had it as a baby?

Renzi Lowend… I never had Xrays

Terry Corder… Well so did I. Every 6 months ‘til I was 16 if I remember correctly.

Stuart Moir… I was immune never had it

Paul Huggett… Yes indeed. And, please note anti vaccination people. I never got sick, had my mind controlled or caught any of the deadly diseases it helped prevent…..

Robert Searle… No,didn’t have one, born with TB like thousands of other people at the time I was born.

Mike Waghorne… I had one but I can’t see it any more !

Nicola Dobson… I ran away at school so didnt have it..later in life I went to have it and was told I didnt need it


Astral Club Queens Road Hastings 1975

Surprised they put opposite the cinema, when it was opposite The Disc Jockey record shop.

Dizz Corinne Ryder… Was it above Chelsea Girl?

Barry Upton… I think it was once Toffs night club ?

Dizz Corinne Ryder… that rings a bell, was just a bit too young to go though!

Maureen Fuller… The Astrel Club was where the Pamdor Club originally was above Chelsea girl entrance at the back. My ex husband Les Martin used to work their

Yvonne Cleland… I used to love the Astral Club! Late late nights and a free meal hahaha

Maureen Fuller… Can you remember the name of the lovely lady who cooked the late night suppers loved her curries?

Yvonne Cleland… I can’t, I’m sorry, but her spag bols and chicken in a basket were to die for! xx

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yep – there regularly, always had the whitebait

Sam Rosewell… Was this Flamingo’s in the 80’s? (Not that I went in there, slightly too young!) Was a better scene back in the day….

Alan Esdaile… Yes, Sam.

Neal Hunter…It was great being a DJ there. Broke my leg falling down the stairs between the bar and disco at 1am on 22 Oct 1974 which was the day my son was born. Great days.

Tony Davis… was great Djing there with Merlins Music Box. Was it Betty that did the food?

Maureen Fuller… don’t think that was her name she was a Greek lady l think

Tony Court-holmes… used work behind the bar there

Ian Quinnell… AAHHHH good (but slightly vague) memories of those days

Alan Esdaile… Graham Bradley was asking about the Astral Club. Anyone else have any cuttings or photos?

Graham Bradley… You are right Alan definitely opposite Alan Jensen . I remember Jacky, Veronica and Betty working there and there were queues down Queens Road trying to get in . Great Days

What’s your favourite song/theme from a film

Solider Blue Buffy St Marie , Theme from Shaft Issac Hayes or Bett Midler The Rose.

Leigh Wieland Boys……One of my favourites too – Good taste! A bit ‘girly’ I know, but probably my all time favourite is Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches. That’ll Be the Day, Stardust, Saturday Night Fever & Grease all 1970s iconic films with great soundtracks

Pete Fairless.…Theme from a summer place – Percy Faith & People Are Strange Echo & The Bunnymen from Lost Boys.

Matt Thomas…..The Percy Faith one above reminds me of sunday mornings and my parents cooking a roast

Andre Martin….Excellent choices from that special era – keep them coming !!

Gary Kinch……’m a bit of a sucker for musicals, the first film I went to on my own was Oliver, loved it. I have watched most of the Fred and Ginger films and this is a cracker IMO. Probably a bit sugary for some but it has some personal memories for me. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers You Can’t Take That Away.  My first thought was anything from Quadrophenia but perhaps that doesn’t qualify because it was a film about the songs rather a song about a film. I didn’t think much of the film either, fantastic tracks though.My second thought was Blade Runner, the Vangelis soundtrack fits the film beautifully. I wouldn’t sit down and listen to the music on it’s own though, it might seem a bit boring.Third thought would be anything from Pulp Fiction. (not 1970’s though) It was a fairly eclectic mix of tracks, some of them not my cup of tea at all. The Film however gave every track an element of “coolness” that some tracks otherwise didn’t deserve. The Statler Brothers Flower On The Wall.

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How many other bands played at Neros Ramsgate and Neros Southsea.

Supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… I wonder how many other bands played at Neros Ramsgate and Neros Southsea?

Robert Searle… Always remember the Mini Togas great days.Played both.

Ricky Adelaide… I played at Ramsgate few times..

Will Cornell… Gee this looks like a better theme restaurant idea than Hooters or the Tilted Kilt!

Dave Weeks… If this was Peggy Sues, I played there in the 80’s on a Wednesday bloody night. One room was live music in competition with the night club room.

Colin Fox… Tiberius was the casino next door.

Ricky Adelaide… The most remembered gig was backing a very camp singer called Sunny Day oh yes those where the days

Tony Court-holmes… worked there with Chris Gentry in the 70s when he had his road show

Stuart Moir… All those brilliant gigs, the girls with the short togas 😙and the drive home after 2am finish arriving with the milkman at 4 in the morning. I wonder if any of the girls recognise themselves in the photo it would be nice to hear from them

Colin Fox… One of the croupiers from Tiberius worked at the same place in my last job. She brought some pictures in one day. She used to go out with the owner.

Andre Martin… Back in the mid 70s I can remember Ramsgate had changed to disco on a Friday/Saturday nights and I used to work it a couple of times a month. 9.00pm – 2.00am with a couple of breaks. Good venue always packed out, but what a haul for gear in and out, at least you only did it once each way – thank the lord. Right down by the harbor so parking was easy.