The last piece of the ballroom. Hastings Pier 18th Oct 2014




photos by Alan Esdaile

Today the 19th October 2014  The Ballroom has now gone.

Mick O’Dowd… Nice pics Alan. Bit of history in the making.

Pete Fairless… Do we think that little bit of masonry is going to be retained?

Chris Baker… The Turdis returns! 😀

Mick Knights… Wonder if they ever found the Glo-Yo I lost at the Ten Years After gig?

Alan Esdaile… Any idea what happened to the last bit of steel framework? I thought they might have kept a piece as a lasting memory and have displayed on the new pier.

Andre Martin… Not sure, other than Simon Opie told me that nothing was worth saving as it was in a really bad state, and very difficult to collect safely.

Eric Cawthraw… Alan, you ought to get hold of a bit of the old pier and have it mounted and labeled: “Hastings Pier – Johnny Masonry”. Yep, that’s awful, but I couldn’t resist.

Here’s how the Pier looks on the 25th October 2014.


photo by Alan Esdaile

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