Magpie 1970’s Theme Tune – The Murgatroyd Band. Featuring Spencer Davis, Ray Fenwick and Eddie Hardin.

Robert Searle….Spencer Davis group.

Tony Qunta….I seem to remember Ray did mention that, although no disrespect I was much more interested in the fact that Jenny Hanley was one of the presenters. 😉

Terry Pack… And Susan Stranks!

Pete Prescott… yes he was involved with Spencer Davis and (i think) Eddie Hardin. He used to get royalty cheques for years.

Ken Copsey… Me and Huggy gave him a call a year or so ago as I noticed a Rickenbacker 12 string for sale on Gumtree which I remembered using in the Teenbeats. Think he is living in Norfolk. We just wanted to say hello and let him know there was no longer any ill feelings between us. He sounded just like uncle Ray had always sounded, man!

Pete Fisher… Used to love this programme…the theme’s other co-writers were Eddie Hardin and Spencer Davis…Susan Stranks looking glamorous at teatime

Harry Randall… Wish I got a royalty cheque!



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