Hope & Anchor and Red Cow London 1975

supplied by Alan King

Geoff Peckham… Wow! I remember playing at the Hope and Anchor with Factory. This would have been after my time. We played lots of London pubs during the pop-rock era. This would have been towards the end of it and the beginning of the punk era.

Andy Qunta… I found it in the Factory archives. 1975.

John Gale… Wow, great posters ,,, Kilburn and the High Roads was Ian Dury’s first band

Mike Curtis… I’m sure I saw Factory at Hope and Anchor around 1971/72.

Liane Carroll… Wow. That is such an interesting poster. Will tell Roger Carey

Andy Qunta… Factory had just finished a 16-day residency at the PN Club in Munich two nights before. We drove about 18 hours, straight through Europe, across the Channel, and up to London to the Hope & Anchor. The load-in at this venue was through the hatchway down from the pavement. You had to lift up the wooden covers and load everything straight down, Hammond organ and all, the same way they loaded the beer barrels. Somehow we still had the strength to put on our usual energetic show!

Pete Prescott… We backed onto that hatchway. the guy went nuts ! Great poster. I played there in 1976/77. Punk had just hit. what a summer !

Terry Pack… I remember that, Andy.

Tony Qunta… Yes! They were great times!

Andy Guainiere… Used to play both those venues in the mid 70’s Loved the Red Cow always a good gig.

Pete Prescott… I remember the Bridge House canning town, Brecknock Camden town, Windsor castle, The Kensington, The 100 club, The Speakeasy, Ronnie Scotts, The Greyhound and the Thomas a Beckett ! Gig list from 76/77…

Mark Rodrigues… London college of furniture?

Andy Qunta… wow! You guys were busy! Factory was similarly busy in ‘75/‘76. A few of the gigs on your list we did, but not that many. It just goes to show how many gigs there were then! Could a band these days play 10 or 11 nights in a row like we used to back then?

Andy Guainiere… We obviously played many of the same venues back then Windsor Castle, 100 club, Kensington, Western counties, Speakeasy to name a few. All these venues were packed back then and a real music audience. great times.

Simon Shaw… Oh, how I wish I was born 10 years earlier!

Tim Moose Bruce… Red Cow. 1976 a certain Aussie band with a schoolboy on lead guitar did their UK debut gig there.

Alan King… i did see them play in a bar on that first tour, was never a fan, but it was a great gig, way too good to be playing the pub circuit but you gotta start somewhere

Colin Gibson… I know people who still have bad backs from Hope+ Anchor + Hammond + Leslie

Alan King… Leslie Hammond always had a bad back, he should have tried that thing the Chinese do with the needles

Marcus de Mowbray… I saw The Fabulous Poodles somewhere in London, but cannot remember where. Good gig, bought their album. Shame they never got further.


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