Woolworth Hastings – 1950’s

photo shared from…https://www.facebook.com/hastingsmuseum/

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery… We have a double throwback today – who misses Woolies and is that an old route master bus as well? We think this photo dates to the 1950s.

Peter Fairless… Before Woolworth’s had a remake. Anyone know when that was?

Lloyd Johnson… What no Dengates?…linen jackets,Benny Hill caps, leather money pouches and separate tickets on a wooden sprung block of wood….I Loved the cream and green Dengate buses a total throwback to the 1920s /30s….and still running in the early 60s..

Sid Saunders… Not a Routemaster bus, they only operated in London.

Sarah Harvey… Agreed. Looks like a Bristol K6A

Jacqueline Marsh… My mum worked at that woolies

Sarah Harvey… I know, My mum and I bought a Helen Shapiro single there and Aunt Phil served us 🙂 xx

Lynda Whatley… and Aunt Nell was a supervisor there-

John Gale…Never seen that photo before,,, loved Dimarco’s. A great place to go on a Sunday afternoon between Sunday lunch time closing and evening opening times for the pubs, saved going home,. Made alot of friends in there, can’t imagine that happening in McDonald’s so much

Mick O’Dowd… Is that a bank next door. If so which one?

Jim Breeds… The Ministry of Food, I think.

Mick O’Dowd… Where was the silly walks one located Jim?

Gary Benton… When I was in the fire service the basement of woolworths was always know as a firefighters worst nightmare, its like a rabbit warren. We would often say to each other “see you under Woolworths”

Jon McCallion… I have run round the corner many times when I did a paper round from the shop just up from there in Castle Street, Wish it was like it now compared to this we have a complete mess in our town centre

Nicola Dobson… Yes I used to get them snd my grandfather snd uncle were bus drivers

Tony Davis… I’m currently trying to get photos of Hastings in the 60s and 70s for a book I’m having a go at writing. Particularly interested in the Town centre and George Street. Can anybody help please

Andy Davies… Does anyone know who ran the sweet shop? My Granddad used to have a shop around there but as I never saw it, I don’t know. His surname was Horsfall.

Andre Martin… Routemaster buses were London Transport, what you have in shot is a Maidstone & District, possibly a Layland rear loader, with the driver stuck in a small cabin under the top deck and over the front RH wheel, I was told these were cramped and had no heating – just right for the country routes. Good image of the Town Centre, before the planners decided to make unnecessary changes.

Richard J Porter… No heating but a 7 litre + diesel to keep you company under your left elbow.

Bernard Goffredo… There was a Hotel behind the bus, I remember going there with my dad to pick up his drumkit after he had done a gig the night before

Alan Esdaile.. Castle Hotel.

Nigel Ford… I used to catch a SOUTHDOWN version back from Mountfield school to Virgins Lane Battle in the early to mid 60s.


The Vogue – The New Broom advert 1st Nov 1975



photo supplied by Peter Gladwish

Mike Mitchell… I don’t remember The Vogue but I do recall rehearsing on Saturday mornings in the basement of the New Broom.

Peter Gladwish… Vogue was my band, started in 1975 after King-Rod split up. Greg Pearce (Lead Guitar), Dave Gladwish (Bass Guitar) & Peter Gladwish (12 string Rhythm Guitar and Drums). Eric Burgess later replaced my brother, Dave, on bass guitar, when I also changed the name to Trinity. The band split in 1979 when I moved away from the area. Greg went on to play in Centre Page and when I moved back South in the early 90’s, I also joined Centre Page on drums full-time.

Alan Esdaile… Love the satin shirts (or maybe silk?) and the flairs.

Peter Gladwish… They were satin. We bought all our stage gear from ‘Underground’, at the end of the Arcade in Hastings.

Barry French… I saw you guys play (I think it was the Archery Tavern Eastbourne). Realy good band with nice harmony vocals.

Have you ever meet someone well known and not known? asks Mick Bean

Albert Lee coming to Hailsham Pavilion 2nd March 2019. more details… http://spyboy.co.uk

Mick Bean… Have you ever met someone well known and not known who they were? I spent time chatting to a bloke in a London pub back in the day, we drank together and shared our thoughts about the pop music of the day. Dave from Chas and Dave came over and joined us, after a while the penny dropped and I realised it was Albert Lee. I was at a pre “Buddy Holly Week” get together. The following day at the concert I again met Albert in the toilets, we shared urinals… He later played on stage with the gathered musicians. Oddly enough I attended the same event the following year and it was Albert who came and spoke to me. I told him that I had no idea who he was the first time we met and he said he realised that and enjoyed the “normal” chat that he so missed.

Pete Prescott… Great story. I’ve heard he is a lovely guy.

Gerry Fortsch… Brilliant guitarist.

Tim Moose Bruce… 1986, at the 6 Bells at Chiddingly. Johnny Mars band on that night. Talking and drinking with a guy at the bar. 2nd set he got on the keyboard and did an amazing version of Green Onions. The band then introduced Keith Emerson!

Pete Prescott… I did a gig at the six bells for his sons birthday. Kieth Emerson played a few songs with us. I ended up singing In the back bar with him. He was very drunk. Hilarious and a nice guy. Never forget it.

Sandy Max… Yes I once spent a lovely afternoon in a pub in Notting Hill talking to a nice lady…when she left a group of youngsters came running up to her begging for her autograph….the penny dropped and I realised I’d been chatting to Annie Lennox

What is your favourite Live album?

Mick Knights… Lou Reed. Rock and Roll Animal.

Matt Thomas… Nocturne – Siouxsie & The Banshees

Shaun Pont… Slade Alive!

Kevin Sherwood… Strangers in the Night – UFO

Paul Crimin… Live and Dangerous-Thin Lizzy

Tim Moose Bruce… Frampton Comes Alive. Live n Dangerous. E.T.I by Blue Oyster Cult, If You Want Blood

David Broome… Live in the Heart of City also like Two for the Show by Kansas

Linda McGregor… Frampton Comes Alive.. saw him about 3 years ago, did this album in full, amazing

Dave Valentine… Johnny Cash At San Quentin, 801 Live, Iron Maiden – Live After Death, Daft Punk – Alive

Alan King… Back It Up – Nils Lofgren or or this one – Bert Jansch – Live at the 12 Bar (and not just because I produced it)

Len Smith… Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping, Funky but Live, Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band

Graham Sherrington… CREAM at the Albert Hall their reunion

Mike Mitchell… It’s Alive – The Ramones

Phil Gill… Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore. The Who Live at Leeds. All the other live albums can get in the sea.

Alan King… dunno about that, as i get older i’m getting fed up with production and find myself only listening to live stuff, yes most official ‘live albums’ are over produced too, but I even quite like some mid Pink Floyd stuff ‘live’ some very good Top Gear sessions of Atom Heart Mother and Echoes – both pieces I don’t think I could ever sit through the studio versions of ever again

Dave Edwards… Alan King, forgot Little Feat Electrif Lycanthrope and Allman Brothers a dead cert.

Jim Breeds… Stop Making Sense, Alan

Nigel Sherwood… Uriah Heep live 1973

Jan Warren… The Live Adventures of…. Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper!

Colin Bell… Live At Leeds & Around The World With Three Dog Night

Jackie Hersee… Carol King live at Hyde Park

Julian Deeprose… Live and Dangerous – Thin Lizzy, by a country mile for me 🙂 Captures the very essence of a Lizzy gig, all the energy and power just cracks through. Still makes the hairs stand up every time I play it.

Alan King… but it wasn’t live was it ? all mocked up in the studio by all accounts – all a very large part of it was over dubbed – doesn’t mean it ‘aint a half decent album though – it’s just not as ‘live’ as it pretends to be

Julian Deeprose… That is a moot point as Tony Visconti who produced it says a lot of it was over dubbed whereas Chris O’Donnell the Lizzy manager hotly disputes this and says that it is 75% live but taken from different shows and only Scott Gorhams parts on 2 tracks a few essential cleanups and crowd noise overdubbed. Scott confirms this version of events. The important things is that the result is a superb album which for me recreates the 14 times that I saw Lizzy live. Halcyon days 🙂An interesting comparison is the Still Dangerous album which features several of the same recordings warts and all.

Louise Burt… Had this album its fantastic but sadly it was stolen along with all my other records in 2018

Jack Apps… All of them

Colin Gibson… I sing the body electric    Shouting in Key.    Rock of Ages

Paul Gray… It’s Too Late To Stop Now – Van Morrison.

Barry French… Wishbone Ash. Live Dates

Dave Nattress… Wow a difficult one!! Cream reunion at the RAH, Free live at the Isle of Wight and The Live adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper, 1968, got the double CD and the double vinyl, played it just the other night. Takes me back to 68 formative years and all that.

Martyn Baker… Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous is hard to beat as an album, but bits of it may well be dangerous, but they’re certainly not live! I was in Tony Visconti’s studio when the guitar overdubs were being done!

Alamo Leal… Martyn, I sign underneath! Followed close by the Get Yer Ya’s Ya’s Out , of the Stones.

Tim Moose Bruce… Yessongs

Steve Blackman… Gregg Allman Live at Macon

Clive Richardson… Glastonbury triple album.

Martin Richter… live at the hope and anchor

Kevin White… Seconds Out Genesis, 08:30 Weather Report, Zappa live in New York, Deep Purple live in Japan.