Geoffrey Palmer R.I.P.

Tim Moose Bruce… I’m a doctor and I want my sausages.😅. Fawlty Towers

Rick Startin… Cock-up on the catering front.

Mike Mitchell… Rick, that was exactly my comment on hearing the news

Kev Towner… A bit of a cock-up on the mortality front.

Richard J Porter… Lovely man, brilliant. He had a niece that was on Facebook, she also said that within the family he was lovely too.

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh no, loved him especially in Butterflies

Monica Bane…RIP. He was a good actor!

Alan Esdaile…Great in Butterflies. I loved his deadpan style of humour.

Andy Qunta… Great actor! Loved him in Butterflies, and even more in Fawlty Towers – “I’m a doctor and I want my sausages!”

Liane Carroll… loved him in that! Xxx

Heather Sidery… RIP. Loved this actor

Jeff Belton… Very sad news, we lose another great actor this year. He was a great actor.

Reid McDuffie… I hope he finally got his sausage breakfast

Stella Huggett… A good age at least. I loved him in Butterflies. RIP Geoffrey.

Dennis Torrance… RIP Geoffrey

Pauline Sims… RIP Geoffrey.

Helen Downton… So sad. One of my favourite actors.

Harry Norcliffe… He is an icon of the sitcom R.I.P.

Lynne Ashmeade… Loved Butterflies. Great actor

Kevin White… One of the greats on tv,they don’t make them like that anymore!! RIP

Yvonne Ellis… R.I.P Geoffrey Palmer

Robert Fisher… Great actor,R.I.P Geoffrey.

Neil Partrick… I think his performance and lines in Butterflies were fantastic. I also have a lot of sympathy for his role in Reginald Perrin and the occasional straight role, like this powerful one in Alan Bennett’s A Question of Attribution.

Janet Brophy… Very Sad, He Was A Good Actor, Lovely Man

Move to St Leonards-on-Sea says The Times 6th Nov 2020

photo shared from St Leonards Festival facebook page

more information click link…

Alan Esdaile… I’ve never heard it called St Lenny. Must be the newbies!

Chris Jolly… It’s going up in the world Alan… great news!

Judy Atkinson… nor me

Paul Marshall… or FILTH – Failed In London Try Hastings. As my daughter advised me

Pauline Richards… or the

Perri Anne Haste… I have heard Lenny Beige Aka  Steve Furst refer to it affectionately as St Lenny in his shows before.

Russell Field… Perri, that’s where it’s from. X

Steve Amos… Nor me!

Janet Rennie… yes it is. Seen it so much more recently

John Paul Veness… someones trying to boost their house price 😕 lol

Harry Randall… I always new it as “Bedsit Land”?

Angela Frances Gardner… We’ve never called St Leonards ‘St Lenny’ and I’ve been here since 1962!

Nicola Dobson… Never heard it either and I was born here

Rob Ramsden… Move to St. Leonards they said. It will be fun they said.

Gin Genie… I heard it referred to as lennies last year

Liane Carroll… It’s a Lenny Beige thing!! Xx

John Coleman… Some of you dinosaurs need to get down there it has changed a bit.

Alan King… St Lenny ? my arse, never heard it referred to that

Margaret Trowell… quite like “St Len’s” ..why not? I’ve lived here since 1965. Don’t even know who St Leonard actually was…. nothing been made of him as far as I know …no statue etc

Mark Triggs… Dalston-on-sea

Judie Struys… St Lenny? That’s a new one on me. Mind you, I’ve only lived in St Leonards since 1969, apart from 2 short periods in Hastings and Heathfield.

Bernard Goffredo… Never heard it called that but it was built as a town for the well off

Howard White… I call is St Leonards. Just cannot stand this ‘-on-Sea’ thing.


The Damned – Hastings Pier 2nd July 1977

John Storer… Great gig, this … Had seen them a few months before in Guildford, and had met Chris (Rat Scabies) and Ray (Captain Sensible) again at a Dr Feelgood gig in London. Think The Adverts supported them on this gig at the Pier. Remember Chris telling me they had wanted Nick Lowe to produce their debut album because the band were huge fans of Brinsley Schwarz (a band I also had a great fondness for) and country-rock in general Smashing blokes, and Ray sent me a couple of postcards when they were on their first American tour. A bloke I know, Chris Moon, has stepped in to play with them on a number of occasions in recent years.

Richard Brown… I was there it was a great gig.

Tony Ham… I was only 11, wish I was a few years older!

Alan Esdaile… I was looking for the French documentary film which featured The Damned playing the fruit machines on the pier but looks like its now been taken off you tube.

Pete Fairless… Shame! I’ll have a search…

Iain Cobby… Met the Captain at Kerrang studio in Birmingham, a few years back whilst recording a Led by Zeppelin concert to be played live on the night the real Zep did that gig at the O2. We had just finished the interview bit and he breezed in to do a promo with two of his leather adorned friends. What a really nice chap, stood and chatted for ages. long drive back to Peasmarsh from there………………

Virginia Davis… They were brilliant

Jo Turner… Always good

Martin Curcher… I was there!

Richard Brown… I might be wrong but the following week I think the Radio Star came down and launch the new LP songs for swing lovers

Alan Esdaile… I got down that Radio Stars supported Eddie & The Hot Rods and Squeeze on the 18th March 1978.

Mark Gilham… The Damned are back! well, almost, DLWP in the New Year!

Ralph Town… I was there and enjoyed a chat with the boys, pre gig on the prom whilst girlfriend and her friend got their make up on.

Tony Ham… Saw them last week.

Pete Houghton… I was there and after the concert I got my album signed by them all and had a good talk with them

Tony Court-holmes… help was I there? having a senior moment

Claudia Moore… I went to this gig only because my BF did the security ! I remember one of the band shouting”Don’t clap, spit !!!”and all the kids did so and the safety pins they had artfully placed in their mouths to look’punk’all fell out onto the floor !