Geoffrey Palmer R.I.P.

Tim Moose Bruce… I’m a doctor and I want my sausages.😅. Fawlty Towers

Rick Startin… Cock-up on the catering front.

Mike Mitchell… Rick, that was exactly my comment on hearing the news

Kev Towner… A bit of a cock-up on the mortality front.

Richard J Porter… Lovely man, brilliant. He had a niece that was on Facebook, she also said that within the family he was lovely too.

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh no, loved him especially in Butterflies

Monica Bane…RIP. He was a good actor!

Alan Esdaile…Great in Butterflies. I loved his deadpan style of humour.

Andy Qunta… Great actor! Loved him in Butterflies, and even more in Fawlty Towers – “I’m a doctor and I want my sausages!”

Liane Carroll… loved him in that! Xxx

Heather Sidery… RIP. Loved this actor

Jeff Belton… Very sad news, we lose another great actor this year. He was a great actor.

Reid McDuffie… I hope he finally got his sausage breakfast

Stella Huggett… A good age at least. I loved him in Butterflies. RIP Geoffrey.

Dennis Torrance… RIP Geoffrey

Pauline Sims… RIP Geoffrey.

Helen Downton… So sad. One of my favourite actors.

Harry Norcliffe… He is an icon of the sitcom R.I.P.

Lynne Ashmeade… Loved Butterflies. Great actor

Kevin White… One of the greats on tv,they don’t make them like that anymore!! RIP

Yvonne Ellis… R.I.P Geoffrey Palmer

Robert Fisher… Great actor,R.I.P Geoffrey.

Neil Partrick… I think his performance and lines in Butterflies were fantastic. I also have a lot of sympathy for his role in Reginald Perrin and the occasional straight role, like this powerful one in Alan Bennett’s A Question of Attribution.

Janet Brophy… Very Sad, He Was A Good Actor, Lovely Man

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