Move to St Leonards-on-Sea says The Times 6th Nov 2020

photo shared from St Leonards Festival facebook page

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Alan Esdaile… I’ve never heard it called St Lenny. Must be the newbies!

Chris Jolly… It’s going up in the world Alan… great news!

Judy Atkinson… nor me

Paul Marshall… or FILTH – Failed In London Try Hastings. As my daughter advised me

Pauline Richards… or the

Perri Anne Haste… I have heard Lenny Beige Aka  Steve Furst refer to it affectionately as St Lenny in his shows before.

Russell Field… Perri, that’s where it’s from. X

Steve Amos… Nor me!

Janet Rennie… yes it is. Seen it so much more recently

John Paul Veness… someones trying to boost their house price 😕 lol

Harry Randall… I always new it as “Bedsit Land”?

Angela Frances Gardner… We’ve never called St Leonards ‘St Lenny’ and I’ve been here since 1962!

Nicola Dobson… Never heard it either and I was born here

Rob Ramsden… Move to St. Leonards they said. It will be fun they said.

Gin Genie… I heard it referred to as lennies last year

Liane Carroll… It’s a Lenny Beige thing!! Xx

John Coleman… Some of you dinosaurs need to get down there it has changed a bit.

Alan King… St Lenny ? my arse, never heard it referred to that

Margaret Trowell… quite like “St Len’s” ..why not? I’ve lived here since 1965. Don’t even know who St Leonard actually was…. nothing been made of him as far as I know …no statue etc

Mark Triggs… Dalston-on-sea

Judie Struys… St Lenny? That’s a new one on me. Mind you, I’ve only lived in St Leonards since 1969, apart from 2 short periods in Hastings and Heathfield.

Bernard Goffredo… Never heard it called that but it was built as a town for the well off

Howard White… I call is St Leonards. Just cannot stand this ‘-on-Sea’ thing.


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