Tour Tales 2001 – 2008 by Pete Fisher

Pete says… I started out in bands back in the 70s in Hastings, where I grew up and went to school. The first band was called Black Ash, with Bernard Jeffery (drums), Iain Cobby (bass) and Steve (vocals). The next band came together in 1972, also with Bernard, but with Roger Carey (bass) and Kev Wood (guitar), and we called ourselves Mae West. Kev left in early 1973, but Bernard, Roger and I carried on as a three piece, and called the band Pueblo. We stayed together until 1974, also with Phil Gill as second guitarist for a couple of gigs, and we experimented with having Paul Waite as second drummer. I left Hastings in summer 1974 to live first in London, then Norfolk, and finally moved to Germany in 1995, playing in bands right through this time. I had a lucky break in 2001 and got hired to play professionally in a reggae band and tour internationally for 8 years. I’ve just published a book about my adventures called Tour Tales 2001-2008, available as an e-book and a large format paperback with lots of colour photos and memorabilia. You can dip into the book for free at the link below. Enjoy!”

Tony Qunta… I am reading Pete’s excellent book on Kindle at the moment. Very enjoyable!


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