1970’s barbershop haircutting guide

photo source: Gina Mallison

Martin Richter… they look like serial-killer mugshots …?

Peter Fairless… HGS, Upper Sixth?

Martin Richter… lol – yeah! i’m sure the one who looks like charles manson gave me 100 lines!

Matt Thomas… Bottom right looks more 80’s as mine was similar

Peter Thomson… Was it Maison Pompadour or something on Castle Hill Road? No pics of Greg Wallace I notice – closest to my current style.

Chris Cozens… There are a few I could name who are still sporting these styles.

Martyn Baker… Centre Page maybe?

John Warner… Boston and Da!

Pete Houghton… I used to have a cut like the bottom left

Dennis Torrance… I just grew my hair from when I left school 68 I never had my split hairs cut till 75 wore a band sometimes playing football sometimes. My most ridiculous style mullet no wonder i am bald now lol

Graham Sherrington… walk around the southern states of America some of these are STILL current!!

Chris Garrod… The bottom 2nd from the left one, can’t work out if that’s a young Dave Allen, or Rowan Atkinson

Mike Waghorne… Most of todays haircuts are from the 50’s ” short back & sides with a bit off the top ”

Roger Simmonds… Look very silly now I think!

Colin Fox… Second row down and third from the left looks like the singer from the Hollies.

Neil McGuigan… Very smart!

Ricky Adelaide… Still see some of these about..I like the chirpy chap with the dicky bow..🏸…and the Bigblue band above him sorry Stuart Bligh

John McCormack… Eww horrible fashion sense lol…from Iona age 10

Andy Davies… Now I remember why I was a punk!

Malcolm McDonald… i remember those kind of pictures all around the barbers back in the day…

Stuart Moir… Look like a bunch of girls

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