Des O’Connor R.I.P.


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Helena Kingshott… Oh no ,not another celebrity gone

Gareth Huggett… Legend

Jacqueline Marsh… So very sad he was a lovely man

Jeff  Belton… Never met the gentleman, but had a great sense of humour, play his music on my radio shows. Will sadly be missed

Dennis Torrance… I grew up watching his tv shows always good entertainment . Another entertainer gone from our lives just seems to be endless lately. RIP Des god bless condolences to his family and many friends.

Kevin White… My mum used to love him when she was still with us, he was a proper celebrity and all round entertainer. RIP Des

Roger Simmonds… Oh no every week or so a famous person dies lately!

Roland Clarke… A customer of mine recorded one of his albums and he told me for all the jokes, he was a consummate professional who pretty much nailed in a single take. With many years in the business, I can tell you that this is really rare and there are only a handful of pros that can do this. RIP Des.

Janet Rennie… Saw him at potters bar a few years ago . He was so good . RIP des

Rosemary Hughes… RIP Des xx

Peter Houghton… RIP Des

Alan Esdaile… sad news. All round great entertainer, that had to put up with a lot of stick over the years from Morecambe and Wise and others about his singing but his records during the heyday sold very well.

Vivienne Gibbs… Alan, they were only jealous cos he always had a beautiful younger girl on his arm. I loved Des – always had such a cheeky smile

Harry Lavender… R.I.P. Des O’Connor

John Beeching… Saw him at the Paladium in the early 60s, one of the funniest stand up routines I’ve ever seen.

Tony May… What a great guy Des was! So many smiles he gave us all and he was such a wonderful sport… A lot of today’s ‘snowflakes’ could learn a lot from his attitude! THANKS for everything Des – I won’t forget that infectious laugh of yours!

Warren Elias… What a great person sad.RIP

Steve Thorpe… I remember his Andy Pandy sketches. So full of innuendo carried off with the cheekiest grin on TV. RIP to a very funny guy.

Mick O’Dowd… Such an all round entertainer of the old school. Very few left now and there will probably be no more of his ilk. Always raised a smile and he could take stick (Morecambe & Wise) and turn it around. What a trooper. RIP Des. Thanks for the memories.

Eddy Butcher… Very sad to hear R I P sir a perfect gentleman

Nicola Dobson… RIP Des

Andy Qunta… Great entertainer and personality. R.I.P.

Jan Warren… R.I.P. Des 🙁 xx

Rontenn 2001… Des was brilliant and a real legendary super-star. R.I.P. Des O’ Connor.

Iain Cobby… Quote from Eric Morecambe; ‘The Des in Des O’Connor is short for desperate’ and, ‘Des has just done a one-man show. Let’s hope two turn up next time’. So funny guys, all those memories from the halcyon days of variety. RIP Des.

Wendy Weaver… I remember seeing Des on the Palladium the very first time he appeared as an unknown. He was filling in for somebody at short notice and he was so funny. I can still remember his routine.

Colin Norton… Des was the compere on the Buddy Holly UK Tour 1958.

Linda Lewis… RIP

Barry French… Very sad, used to like his comic sketches with Jack Douglas (Check out the green eyed yellow God sketch on YouTube) R. I. P.

Paul Coleman… Such a brilliant all round entertainer. Good comedian. Saw him a few times, mostly at Kings Country Club. Maybe him & Eric are havin a laugh together.! R. I. P.

Motorhead and The Count Bishops – Hastings Pier 30th July 1977

ticket supplied by Eric Cawthraw

autographed poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Tim Bruce….Was my first proper gig too. Before i went my mum warned me to ne careful of loud music . “Yes mum”. Opening act…… Motorhead!

John Laidlaw….Hah! First gig I ever saw – brilliant stuff. So loud I ended up behind the PA stack stage left… it was quieter there.

Andy Gunton….Not wishing to be pedantic. But shouldn’t that be The Count Bishops? I know both bands were on the Chiswick label around that time.

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason… Yes your right Andy. Should be Count Bishops but I don’t remember seeing them.

Dave Arnold….I roadied at the Hawkwind/Motorhead gig, an amazing night

Ken Copsey….I went to this gig with  Dave Blackman. I think there was only about 50 people there. Pretty certain The Count Bishops didn’t play. The Teenbeats later supported the Count Bishops at The Nashville . I can remember playing on stage and realising Gary  Moore was watching us. Ever so slightly intimidating for a 17 year old!

John Storer…..The Count Bishops definitely played that night and were so good that I went out a couple of days later and bought their first album (which was released on 10″ vinyl). I also seem to remember that Motorhead were exceptionally loud. I don’t remember it being that poorly attended, either, although this was at the time that my musical tastes had diverged from most of my mates who were dismissive of punk and pub-rock. I do recall that I had given all my pre-punk records (a lot) to my sister in exchange for her copy of the Ramones debut album!

Phil Gill… Stallion played an all-nighter at the Lyceum in September 1976, with Stray, Dirty Tricks and Motörhead. For whatever reason, we all shared a large communal dressing room. Lemmy was charming, funny, gregarious, generous and completely down to earth. Great fun, completely rock & roll and above all, the real deal.

Eric Cawthraw… I’ve just found the ticket to this gig in my Motorhead – Motorhead album.  What gets me is that it is made to look hand written and the ticket number definitely is. It looks very civilized – disco, booze and food. Food!? Crisps and peanuts more like – I don’t remember food! For Motorhead it should have been raw meat and Bourbon…..perhaps it was!

John Storer… Another great gig! Eric? Did you miss the canapes they were serving just outside the bar?

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