What’s your favourite song by Van Morrison?

Lloyd Johnson… Here comes the Night!’ Although he never wrote it and it was when he was in ‘Them’…

Jan Deane… Moondance

Colin Fox… They’ve just played ‘Baby Please don’t Go’ here on Spanish radio. When Van Morrison was lead singer with ‘Them’, great old song.

Beki Milton… Brown eyed girl

Eileen Adams… Beki, love this too xxx

Mike Waghorne… When he was with “Them”

John Busbridge… Brown Eyed Girl

Eileen Adams…Into the mystic

Mick O’Dowd… So many to choose from but Hymn to The Silence & Have I told you Lately are stand outs.

Peter Fairless… Have to agree, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’

Steve Thorpe… Baby please don’t go

Alan Esdaile… Difficult but when he was with ‘Them’ their version of It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. On his own, the little known ‘Snow in San Anselmo’.

Rontenn2001… Whatever Happened To P.J.Proby

Mike Vawdrey… It would have to be Madame George – a lament for people and places beyond recall

Andy Davies… Listen to the Lion, the live ‘too late to stop now‘ version. Although, damn -maybe ‘Bulbs’ from Veedon Fleece which must be my favourite album…..

Colin Gibson… My old mans a dustman

Phil Gill… The last one In the show.

Colin Bell… Having seen him 3 times in concert (cos i was paid too), i heartily agree Phil.

Terry Pack… About 30 years ago, the Johnny Mars band was booked for two nights at a big hotel in Newport. After the sound check on the Friday, we were having dinner before the gig and Van appeared, asking if he could sit in. Johnny said yes, and Van asked if he join us to sing ‘Help Me’. He asked Kohn not to introduce him, but just to play a couple of choruses as an intro and he would come up. We played a couple of choruses. No sign of him, so John took a solo for a few choruses. Still no Van, so Ray took a few choruses. No sign of him. John thinks he must have misheard him, and wanted an introduction, so announced ‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Van Morrison!’ 1000 people go nuts. Still nothing. We play the rest of the set and come offstage. Johnny has to deal with half the crowd asking if they imagined the whole Van Morrison introduction. Later, in the hotel bar, Van appears looking very sheepish. ‘I lost my nerve.’ he says. ‘Could I sit in tomorrow night?’ The following night, the place is even busier. Word has got out that Van (either) is going to sit in or that he had sat in the previous night (people must have convinced themselves that he had done). We play Help Me. No Van. Of course. Years later, I renew a friendship via Facebook with a couple from South Wales. They have great memories of the two nights in Newport and Van Morrison sitting in on both nights. I don’t dare contradict them.

Jeannette Wild… Tough one that. I am an avid fan and have seen him 3 times. Awesome. His version of st James infirmary Is brilliant……..too many to mention!


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