Hippo Band – Lintonian Club Winchelsea Beach 27th November 1976

Gerry Fortsch… Bloody hell this brings it all back, we played in this club until it was closed down, I hope it wasn’t our fault

Paul Huggett… Did loads of gigs there with Amethyst. And had very boozy youthful experiences there previously when it was the notorious 58 Club….. Regular band there then was King,Rod and Co – the Trowell brothers, Kirk Ronchetti and Greg, who did the high parts, a very good harmony band.

Gerry Fortsch… Yes Paul I played there in the 60s with a band called The Earl Dee Group (great name what) John Petrie, Colin Green, Gordon Reed and Tony Brook. We loved the old Geno Washington style. Remember if you wanted a late drink in the 58 club you had to purchase a pie, I think most of them ended up on the floor. Happy days.

Paul Huggett… Yes! I did see that band Gerry, just once – excellent as I recall (dimly!) Ha ha yes, Those Pies….. made of who knew what? Soaked up a bit of beer though.

Tony Court-holmes… t was a bugger to get home from when you were a bit pissed

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