Mastins Castle Street Hastings – Toy Fair November 1965 and 1966

Who remembers Mastins?

Nicola Dobson… I do…went in there a lot and when young used to like Father Christmas and the decorated paths to get there

Steve Cooke… Remember Mastins very well. My grandparents both worked there, boarded there on the top floor in the men’s and women’s quarters. They met each other there, married, had two children and remained in Hastings all their lives.

Alan Esdaile… Remember a very impressive Christmas grotto and seeing Father Christmas with my sister.

Shaun Pont… I remember Father Christmas’s Grotto downstairs. Where Iceland is now?

Jane Hartley… The best grotto ever. My God mother worked in Mastins

Andy Davies… Childhood memories loved Mastins

Lynn Graham… A family friend was the manager in the sixties.

Graham Sherrington… such memories

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