Ginger Baker vs Elvin Jones, Lyceum 1970

Supplied by Colin Gibson

Colin Gibson… Ginger vs Elvin, Lyceum 1970. A young Gibson in the middle.

Alan King… cymbal-head

Claire Hamill… Brilliant!

Steve Cooke… Great pic Colin!

Liane Carroll… WALLOP!!! XX

Bernard Goffredo… I remember that

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Fantastic

Jimbo Tipler… Too cool!

Alan King… looking for ‘the one’

Phill Gill… You probably still have the same strings on that bass.

Phil Thornton… Cool pic !!

Tom James Cowan… the best drummers are all jazzers… ginger buddy charlie john densmore….elvin..

Yvonne Cleland… humungous

John McCormack… Cracking shot

Russell Field… Great stuff. Elvin Jones had synesthesia. Must have been mad to play with.

Billy Darlington… Top work Gibson!

Marcus de Mowbray… Yup, I was there! I was about 15 and a teacher took six of us who were keen on music to see that gig. The teacher was a close friend of jazz drummer Phil Seaman, Ginger’s mentor and friend, and this teacher also booked Phil to play a trio gig at the school a bit later. Phil played well but was in a dreadful state and died three weeks later. Many years later I depped for Liam Genocky in Rye and Colin was the bassist, great musician and very nice person!

Alan Esdaile… I wish I had a teacher like that.

Tony Qunta… Marcus, Yes the great Phil Seamen. So sad he left us so tragically. I saw him give a drum clinic at a music shop in Warrington. Absolutely amazing.

Roger Carey… I recall the drum play off with Ginger B and Elvin J being reported in the Melody Maker at the time- amazing you were on that Colin! Remember in Battle I performed ” I keep singing the same old song” by “Heavy Jelly” – you were in the audience (in Battle) and I said it was a mystery song/band and that you might know something about it… you shouted out “I wrote it!” So much great stuff you have been part of including of course one of my favourite bands “The Movies ” !

Chris Jolly… Nice Enough To Eat… almost literally!



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