Coronation Street turns 60

photo: inspired villages

John Gale… Proper Smug Life , Loved those ‘girls’. Minnie, Ena and Martha

Ricky Adelaide… Great show but gave up on it years ago when it lost its humour

Alan King… when Reginald Holdsworth left ? it lost the plot big time then

Ricky Adelaide… Alan, no Eddie yates

Stuart Moir… No

Nettie Baker… Annie Caldwell, Ena Sharples.. & was that Annie Walker’s husband at the bar ? He died .. lol .. I was 10 days off being born

Eugene Hughes… Minnie Caldwell

Tim Moose Bruce… Inspiration for Les Dawson and Monty Python…

Peter Brazier… In all the years and all the deaths that have taken place only one ghost has ever been seen and that is the lady on the right of this pic! But I can’t remember her name? With all the special effects that can be done these days isn’t it about time one of the present characters (Preferably Ken!) had Scrooge type visitations for Christmas?

Alan Esdaile… Martha Longhurst. Good idea Pete.

Peter Brazier… just realised how did I forget Vera coming back as a ghost for Jack!

Martyn Baker… I’m older than this TV programme and I have never seen one single episode of it.

Alan King… you are one lucky, lucky man

Hal Crompton… The last time I watched it was the night that Martha Longhurst died in the snug of The Rovers.

Andy Qunta… I watched it in it’s early days. We lived about 15 miles from Salford, which I think is where it was set. The scenery and people and accents all seemed familiar.

Bernard Goffredo… Margot Bryant who played Minnie was a relative on my dads side of the family

Chris Meachen… The set is located adjacent to the Manchester museum of science and technology, nearby Liverpool Road. You can see it on Google earth…

Peter Thomson… Should I admit to knowing every character name? Thanks Nan, wherever you are x

Judy Atkinson… I’ve never watched a single episode – is that heresy? (but addicted to the Archers)

Paul Crimin… ‘I’ve got a budgie to look after…’.

Andy Davies… Ena Sharples, haven’t watched since I was little, get a life people!!!

Robert Searle… Was a really great programme,so realistic. Except for the accent, it reminded me of East London when I was a little boy.

Tim Harris… Have I watched it since the beginning ? That’s a bit rude !

Peter Houghton… I remember those days


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