Who remembers making paper chains?

Karen Sweatman… Made some. Wasn’t the same having them with sticky already on and not licking them. I used to be my Nan’s champion licker in the 70

Alan Esdaile… I can remember licking them, didn’t taste nice but lots of fun and happy memories.

Yvonne Ellis… Still love making paper chains x

Pete Prescott… Yeah I remember these ! Great fun !

Michael Coller… They still sell them in various places

Monica Bane…Happy times. We all were so much happier with less!

Nicola Barfield… Definitely and the taste yuk but tried water to soggy but a sponge done the trick

Carol Ann Bolton… I made them in the Carlisle Rock Pub along with some big, butch bikers years ago!

Roy Winchester… yep

Lyn Humphrey… My first Infants school teacher (Miss Phillips) taught us how. The first creative thing I ever did. Happy days!

Dave Nattress… Made them in the Downs Junior School, Bexhill. Seems like every Christmas for years.

Geoff Peckham… I more than likely made them with you, Dave! x

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