When young did anyone enjoy eating brussels sprouts?


photo: Eric Hunt

Phil Gill… No

Liane Carroll… Yes very much……I’ll get me coat!

Nettie Baker… Yes

Andy Davies… I always loved sprouts but my Mum cooked them for almost as long as the turkey not good and explosive after effects!!

Dave Weeks… will eat them now though

Keith Flanigan… Bubble and squeak the next day

David Kent… Keith, I bubble and squeak all night after eating them.

Vivienne Gibbs… Yes and still do. Nothing fancy just boiled but not for too long!

Kevin White… Yum Yum!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… No, but my Mum always put one on my plate,usually hidden!

Tony Ham… Always loved them.

Ellis Elias… Deep fry them then when taken out add sea salt and pepper….scrumptious!

Judy Atkinson… I used to wrap mine in mashed potato & swallow them whole if possible. Still loathe them now

Susan Butchers… Always loved em. They are beauty food

Paul Buxton… Not as a kid , love them now, they are very musical

Lloyd Johnson… Yes! I did and still do!…

Nicola Dobson… Hated them but like them now

Julie Findlay-jones… Always liked them

Reid McDuffie…love ’em. Never understood why people found them bitter. But BBC science says….”Surprisingly, it could be your genes that determine your feelings about these controversial little vegetables. A 2011 study by Cornwall College found that sprouts contain a chemical, similar to phenylthiocarbamide, which only tastes bitter to people who have a variation of a certain gene. The research found that around 50 per cent of the world’s population have a mutation on this gene. The lucky half don’t taste the bitterness usually associated with sprouts, and therefore like them a whole lot more than everyone else”

Kim Thompsett… Fried up they are great. Didn’t like them much as a kid but they’ve grown on me… Mostly behind the ears.

Mike Waghorne… Kim, didn’t your mother keep telling you to wash behind your ears !

John Warner… Loved em!

Despo Hawkins… Always loved them . Had a huge amount tonight my first ones this year . Cooked with onions and potatoes

John Beeching… Didn’t like them much as a kid owing to my Mum putting the Christmas sprouts on to boil round about mid summers day.

Pauline Hillier… John, all our mums did that

Pauline Richards… Love sprouts. 1st of the year was at the Harrow Pub. Sausage mash carrots and sprouts! Lovely

Karen Sweatman… Satan’s haemorrhoids

Matt Thomas… Hated them as a kid but strangely love them now

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes. Prepared properly ( many different ways) they are great

Chris White… Love them

Martin Curcher… Love ‘um always have done

Fred Marsh… yes

Keith Veness… Love them when not over cooked

Margaret Trowell… Love them, for Christmas I boil them so they are just softened, drain and add butter, fried bacon lardons and whole chestnuts…delish😋. Oh and I drink the water they were boiled in with a good shake of pepper!

Jeanette Jones… I have always liked them but I was officially a ‘funny’ kid

Linda Cote… i love them

Jan Deane… Love ’em!

Beki Milton… Yes! My daughter’s love them too

Joolz Dunkley… Yep

Marcus de Mowbray… Yes, but only when they had gravy and bread sauce on them, and then I loved them and still do

Chris Meachen… Absolutely love sprouts, – will happily eat a whole plateful… Try them with a little lemon juice…

Rick Startin… Always loved them – add a bit of sugar to the water when you’re cooking them and they won’t be bitter. Serve with loads of butter.

Lorna Brazier… No and still don’t like them

Frank Broeders… Yes

Darren Holmes… Yes and still do!!!

Marie Richardson… yes and i stiil love sprouts. They are just mini cabbages

Ian Marketis… No never liked them and over rated and l don’t like cabbage

Steve Barton… Hated them as a kid but love them now especially with a dab of marmite on them

Graham Sherrington… Steve, Need more MARMITE!!!!! never thought of doing this.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep!

Sheila Maile… Yes and still do

Dani Turner… Yes. I hated sweets! Loved veg and cheese. Strange child. Still love them.

Maz Pettitt… Loved them

Sue Buckle… Yes always loved them

Gareth Huggett… Amazing!

Brian Hepburn… Yes love them

Nick Bloomfield… Yes, I still love them. Brussel sprout soup is souperb…

Malcolm McDonald… no, but as i got older, love em…

Claire Hamill… No

Kevin White… I love them, always have

Janette Morfey… me too. Xxx

Ian Smith… No!

Terry Reeves… It’s the after affects

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