Do Not Move!

shared from Trevor Bell Old Clubland Acts

Phil Gill… No, my people would have removed it all before I got there.

Julian Carter… Not that, but I have turned up for gigs where the DJ has taken up half of the stage, leaving the other half for my eight-piece band.

Phil Gill… Julian, Yeah, but once upon a time Digger and Dave the Plank would’ve sorted all that nonsense out before we’d even arrived….

Jamie Goddard… same here! Quite a few times! Always arrive early now so the Dj can set up somewhere else

Lance Collins… We are also entertainers ! Hate being stuffed in the corner just because we are the DJ.

Phil Thornton… Done lots of gigs set up on the dance floor in front of the stage – makes for a fun time if the gig is sold out …… wouldn’t be allowed now though

Paul Huggett… No but more than once turned up just after a band that was already set up (and vice versa) due to general ineptitude by the clubs diary keeper.

Mick O’Dowd… When the Baker-Gurvitz Army played The Pier (They’re a trio) the support band had to play on the side of the ballroom.

Amanda Brooks… Yeah. Moved it

Jack Apps… I have been nobbled in more ways than ten. We headline for a college gig, 2 bands before us both over ran and slow moving gear. We cut 1 1/2 hours in two…just like that👽 gotta move along, shit is shit, it is what it is

Pete Prescott… Oh yeah. A good few times.

John Harper… Oh Yes! Plus scenery from local amateur dramatics club too!!


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