Have you ever opened a can like this?

supplied by Rosenfeld Jeno

Colin Bell… In 1966….nearly open now

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Colin, I hated those tins, first few twists and it would usually slip off the edge of the tin & the contents was usually spam, which I didn’t like either

Andrew Bantock… Still do. Corned beef.

John Williams… Well them little keys open supermarket trolleys if you aint got a pound try it

Jeanette Jones… Instant cut fingers! Vegetarianism is the answer

Dave Weeks… My memory is cut fingers

Stuart Moir… Yep certainly did

Russell Field… I still do

Eric Evans… Yep got the cuts to prove it

Robert Fisher… Yes, like Eric got the cuts to prove it

Kate Recknell-Page… Yep most annoying when the key actually breaks off to


Graham Sherrington… Widely used in Florida I have a pair of pliers in the draw just in case.

Yvonne Ellis…Hated them. Hate them now x

Mike Waghorne… Spam,spam,spam & more spam

Mick O’Dowd… The Fray Bentos pie tins are worst. Tin opener, screwdriver, cutters & hammer required!

Jane Kilby also Birmingham… Is this Spam mail! x

Angie Pilbeam… Did a tin of corned beef yesterday

Beki Milton… Always went wrong

Judy Atkinson… I remember opening tins of sardines with a key – if you put it on the wrong way it would get jammed, then you’d have to use a can opener on the other side

Paavali Mears… Oh Yeah. Once I prepared the meal usually with Chips and Baked Beans difficult to tell what was blood and what was Ketchup

Jerry Wright… Anyone who has cut open their hand on this blooming tin, will know! I buy my corned beef pre sliced from the supermarket nowadays!

Andy Ives… Still do

Rontenn2001… Even now in 2021 we still sometimes have things like that to open (eventually!)

Tracy Birrell… Throughout my youth…..a bloody death trap…

Jon Royle Road Show/Music Machine Disco – Eastbourne.



supplied by Chris Coleman

Anyone remember Jon Royle?

Chris Coleman…. Was called Music Machine Disco. we did a lot of work for Martin Casson in the early days

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well Chris and so does Andre. Great times.

Neil Steadman… I  do too!!!

Stuart Moir… Brilliant band van, we had the long wheel base version and did many miles up and down the motorways during our Centre Page years, I could get back from Folkstone to Hastings in under the hour after our gig at Neros, admitted it was 3am in the morning

Chris Coleman… Stuart, I took Raven to Neros a couple of times lol

Colin Fox… Stuart, 3am eh? probably had to drop a few girls off first, like we did. Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean guv?

Michael Humphrey… How much for the transit

David Edwards… Looks like a life on Mars time warp

Jamie Goddard… That’s amazing!!!

Pete Prescott… Great photo !

Keith Veness… 1972

Trevor Unwin… Remember him well. Was in Bournemouth with him.

Barry Upton… So real at the time

Andy Qunta… Great pic!

David Wilkinson… East Sussex reg.

The Beat – The Crypt – 18th October 2008.


supplied by www.facebook.com/thecryptarchive

Robert Wren….Matt Capital has just said……18th October 2008 -The Royal Stars second ever gig!! And we were supporting The Beat!!

I thought it was an earlier gig and a big later then what we usually post here but a great poster.

Here’s a few seconds of the Royal Stars

Sam Waller… I remember going to this. Could of sworn it was earlier than 2008,but the poster obviously proves me wrong! I remember wearing a pair of suede boots to this (in my mod days) and binning them when I got home…bad mistake to wear anything nice on a floor like the Crypt had!


Gong – Hastings Pier 9th May 1974



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, paper plate frisbee supplied by Mick Mepham

autograph poster from the gig supplied by Peter Houghton

photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Gary Kinch….Wet Cheese Delirium

Clive Richardson...I remember Daevid Allen had a fishing rod and cast something into the audience.

Mick Mepham.…It was Daevid Allen with the rod and it was a little rubber fish on the end of the line. He cast it out, reeled it in and said “hmmm not biting today”. It utterly freaked loads of people out hahaha. Great gig.

Phil Thornton…..the UV flying UFO’s over the audience was the most memorable moment for me, along with the splendid ‘gliss’ guitar orchestra bliss out soundtrack ! I also loved steve hillage’s home made leslie cab device made from an old record deck and a big wedge of expanded polystyrene

Mick Mepham…..I’ve still got one of the paper plates that they frisbeed out into the audience …. see above

Perri Ann Haste…..Steve Hillage! – I still have one of his Vinyl albums in the loft somewhere… Think one of the tracks is called ‘ All too much ‘

James Turner…I was just sorting out my old albums,I got this on the pier in the 70’s


Mick Mepham… I do that one at Beatles Day Perri Ann Haste. Good innit?

Tony Court-holmes… I i am now going to trawl through my mind for another odd band that played there.

Tony Ham… I’ve got the Flying Teapot album.

Pete Fisher… Saw Steve Hillage in 1976…

Jeremy Harrison… Anyone else buy Camembert Electrique for 99p? Worth a few Bob these days in good condition……

Mike Curtis… my copy has Gong on one side and Side 1 of Tubular Bells on the other

John Mcewen… 79p for mine, I think I got it in Woolworths.

Ben Taylor… No way, did they have Allan Holdsworth at that point?

Jeffrey Beadle… I think it’s Steve Hilage?

John Coleman… I Was there!

Stuart Moir… Look at those trousers, his mum probably ran them up on her singer sewing machine

Dave Nattress… Didn’t see Gong – I have got “L” by Steve Hillage in vinyl – must play it later, must be years since I did, but Tony Court-Holmes commented about trawling his mind for another odd band. I reckon the oddest band I saw at the pier was Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – I just have an image of them now, seemed like weird stuff both the music and it was somewhat theatrical.

James Turner… I got the album somewhere.

Pete Houghton… I remember those days. Still got mine

Pippa Barber… Wow ! Great pics

Who remembers Pinball Machines?

David Miller… Tommy does….

Roy Penfold… Plays by sense of smell! I remember there used to be a row of four or five on the pier amusements at one point.

Mick Knights… There were several in the games room at The Pam Dor, Eric banned me for playing one of them as my name wasn’t in the members book. Not bitter or anything!!!

Phil Little… Are there any left in Hastings now ? There used to be loads of them on the Pier.

Mick O’Dowd… Met my first wife in the games room of The Pam-Dor coffee bar. I was playing the pinball machine I thing was called “Buckaroo”.

Jim Breeds… TILT.

Alan Esdaile… Love them, remember playing the ones in The Pam Dor, Black Cat, the club at the top of the stairs above The Fiesta (can’t remember the name), The Pier, Olympia amusements George Street, come to mind.

Steve Cooke… I am a reformed pinball addict. Oh… TILT!

Paul Huggett… None in Hastings now (apart from three a mate of mine is restoring 👍) but if you’re ever in Minehead, Somerset, there’s a room full of them in an arcade near the WSR steam railway station….

Nigel Ford… There was one in the Kings Head, Battle, late 60’s- 70’s that got changed at least once over the years. A friend of mine sat on it and broke the glass – very expensive! Another in the Abbey Hotel too, I think.

Dave Nattress… There were many pin-ball machines for budding wizards in the amusements in Bexhill – the place is still there and open but I haven’t been in for years. Must look next time I’m down that way. This place and outside on the steps was a major hang-out in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Juke box always on and Fortes coffee bar across the road and the Cont a little further along.

Pete Prescott… Roger Carey and I play this song ! Love it !

Tim Anderson… He’s an actor and producer now.

Paul Huggett… Still do, when I can find one. There’s a large arcade in Minehead, Somerset, that has quite a few modern ones – very rare now. I have a PC game called Pinball Arcade which I love, features very accurate representations of old and new real life machines; I played the real thing at Minehead on holiday a couple of years ago and it was spot on! There’s an old one in the Piper in Norman Road, wasn’t on when I went in there recently. The song BTW, always thought it was good, and he’s not a bad actor either.

Jan Warren… Yeah, I love that song too!!

Paul Crimin… A songwriters song.

Richard J Porter… We know a chap in Australia that builds arcade style machines that contain every arcade game known to man since they began including electronic pin ball games.

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember the ones on Hastings pier in the 70s. Loud, with air horns.

Clive Garrard… I loved this song reminds me of sitting my o levels in 1974

Jane Hartley… I have that single!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… That’s bizarre…. I downloaded this Brian Protheroe track just the other week! Loved it then love it now!

Judie Struys… I loved the one in the Lido. I perfected the art of nudging it with my hip just enough to steer the ball without it tilting.


Rye and the Quarter Boys – anyone remember?

Clive Richardson asks… does anyone remember Rye and the Quarter Boys? A great rock jazz group with brass section from the 1970’s?

Steve Boyce… I was the guitarist from 1981-1982. I appeared on the single “Fantasy / Private number”. I still have my copy (no, it’s not for sale). We weren’t so much jazz as soul, very much in the Stax mould.

Graham Bates… … and I was the drummer! If anyone has any live recordings, please let me know.

Kevin Williams… …..and that’s me singing. The production is very much of it’s time but I still love it’s ‘live’ sound.

Dave Nattress… Rye and the Quarterboys!! Just back-tracking a bit and found your single – Private Number. Now I thought the original was great – I still do, but yours is just wonderful – better. Love it. Won’t be the last time I play it.

Kevin Sheppard… In reply to Kevin Williams. Is that Kev who worked at the London hospital? I went to a few of your gigs at the college hall and the place down the canning town flyover long gone now

Karen Mc Kernan… I just found a copy of this belonging to my dad !

Mike Tomlin… ………… and I played keyboards. In the band from start to finish!

Vivien Mead… I remember watching you in the green rooms Bristol. Great band

Gareth Ward… Very disparaging towards the Q-Tips after a gig at QMC I recall

Gregory Brown… I played Saxophone in this band. (in reply to Kevin Sheppard) Yes Kevin worked at the London Hospital.

History Of Music by Felicity Bell

Felicity Bell … Firstly, I hope my email finds you safe and well. It’s Felicity here from Evergreen Violin. The reason I am reaching out to you is because we have a brand new article on History of Music that I hope you will feel provides a good read and valuable information. What I’m hoping for is that you would consider linking my article, on your website. I’d love to hear any thoughts you have or any feedback. You can read our article here…


Masons Music – early 80’s 187 Queens Road, with Bill Prince.


Alan Pepper…..I’ll have one from the top and five from anywhere else please Bill !!

Will Cornell…..Marley “Legend” up top…video…or did ya’ll have CD Longboxes over there? The first few years of CDs had those for security purposes (hard to stuff into your pocket). Yes, ’84 or later. Curious: what’s “staff only”? The pile of stuff employees promised to buy when the next paycheck came in? My own store’s “wish bin” looked similarly loaded.

Matt Thomas……that is actually the sign above the door to the back room – well camouflaged lo. Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now’ in the charts, 1985 – just had a closer look and King ‘Love & Pride’ is in the chart and Stephen TinTin Duffy ‘Kiss Me’