Remember Ice on the Windows – inside!

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Roger Simmonds… I did and my sheets wet from my breath. Happy days

Nigel Goodman… Yes

Dennis Torrance… Yes lived in house no heating and blankets on bed the not so good times

Vic Williams… My wife was banging on the window saying it’s snowing it’s snowing. If she carries on much longer I suppose I’ll have to let her in .!!!!

Jennie Tocock… Yes!

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky we had no glass int widows

Sue Bennett…  What about the milk coming out of the top of the bottle on the doorstep with the silver top sitting there !!

Paul Crimin… I used to get up before I went to bed, lick ‘t road clean…

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky there were 47 of us living int water tank ont rubbish tip and ave arf hanfull of cold gravel for breakfast but we wer Appy. You tell he kids today and they don’t believe you

Chris Garrod… Remember this well in the 1970s on my bedroom windows. We were made of sterner stuff back then.

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