Pete Plastic & the Chuck-ups!/Captain Dogmeat and his Pedigree Chums

Steve Kinch supplied by Steve Kinch

Tony Court-holmes… does anybody remember Andy Strictland at art school in the 70s. I seem to remember a band called paul chain and the toilit rolls, again it could have been the beer

Phil Gill… I remember Andy Strickland – I was at Hastings College with him 72-75. The only bands I remember Andy in were “Pete Plastic And the Chuck-Ups” and “Doctor Dogsmeat and his Pedigree Chums”. Andy was on bass,  Graham How on drums and Steve Kinch on guitar – until Steve left and I took over the guitar slot. Can’t remember if I was a Chuck-Up, a Chum or both, it was a while ago. But it was a seminal punk/garage band ahead of its time. Here’s one song we could actually play..

Steve Kinch… Ha ha! Pete Plastic & the Chuck-ups! We were certainly ahead of our time, by at least… ooh, 5 minutes 😉Actually, they were great days and a lot of fun. I only remember doing 3 gigs, but things were very hazy back then, so could’ve been more.

Graham How… And didn’t we then we change our name to Captain Dogmeat and his Pedigree Chums… just for protection!?

Steve Kinch… I believe that this was either our first or second gig, at Hastings College. Spot the lovely Karen, the future Mrs How

Graham How… I recall having loads of trouble with the amps?

Steve Kinch… I recall having loads of trouble with my make-up

Robert Searle…Played the Battle Abbey pub, upstairs, used to be packed out. Wouldn’t pass the safety regulations today.

Simon Lokes… Is that the Andy Strickland the former music writer?

Glenn Piper… I remember Andy very well

Tony Court-holmes… good mate of mine

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember him as well , he was very tall with black curly hair.

Yvonne Cleland… I remember Andy very well.

Elizabeth Turner… Yes I do


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