Radio Caroline advert with Georgie Fame 1967

Stuart Moir… My first pop station from the ship in the North sea

Pete Houghton… Great pirate Station from the 60s and used to go up Galley Hill and flash the car headlights

Judy Atkinson… Pete, hope you don’t do that today

Tony Ball… Saw Georgie and the Blue Flames at the Winter Gardens Eastbourne

Judy Atkinson… All part of growing up … I was listening when the ship sank

Trevor Jones…Blimey. I worked as a rock singer for Reg Calvert in 1963-1964 then met Oliver Smedley in early 70s. I recall running up 34 flights of the Barbican to his flat cos I was scared of lifts. Some very famous people there and fantastic wine .The rest is a blank.

Ray McVay & his Orchestra and Spyke – ITT KB Social Club White Rock Pavilion 10th Jan 1975



supplied by Pete Millington

Pete Millington… Audience at the ITT Dance held at the White Rock Theatre on 10th January 1975 – My sister Jane is third from right front row (is in front second from right!) I recognise several other faces but not their names – any ideas?


The Rhythm Method, Harry & The Boys and Dogs In The Garden – White Rock Lower Hall 1980’s

Anyone remember these?


Nadia Compagnone… Barry Ewing top right.

Tony May… Not sure but is the black guy, Pat Valentine? He was in loads of bands back then and was super talented. Was rather ‘driven’ though so often left groups because they weren’t taking it seriously enough. Haven’t seen, Pat for years – I wonder if he finally made it?

Xilo Pan… I still see Pat around. ..he’s ok. ..yes, very talented

Mike Mitchell… If that’s Barry top right, then that’s got to be Wally bottom left

Martin Richter… Jimmy Lewis ?

Xilo Pan… Yes it’s Jimmy …rip…Sue on sax ..Andy on drums ..I drummed for them for a while too ..still see Woley and Baz. ..

Martin Richter… they were a great band crikey – I didn’t recognise Wally !