Who remember Crackerjack?

Alan Esdaile… We all remember Crackerjack and the game with the cauliflowers but my lasting memory is when the presenters attempted singing the latest pop songs especially Peter Glaze!

Steve Fox… The top prize was a crackerjack pencil.

Pauline Richards… Good old Eamon Andrews

Andy Qunta… Double or Drop?

Judie Struys… I used to get so excited waiting for the finale, hoping desperately that it would be one of my favourite songs in the top 20. I wish I could remember which ones.

Angela Frances Gardner… Cabbages or prizes

Margaret Trowell… It’s Friday… it’s 5 o’clock. . it’s Crackerjack… with Peter Glaze, Pip Hinton and Leslie Crowther. Great days!

Jacquie Hinves… Pete Glaze and Don McLean. Fabulous memoriesI. It’s 5 to 5 . It’s Crackerjack! It followed White Horses. I loved that program too..

Gerry Fortsch… It was great. apart from the singing and I am sure those cabbages were not edible.

Jan Warren… Never watched it, or Blue Peter! – I think it was because my Ma and Pa were ITV fans, they thought the Beeb was for snobs so I watched Magpie and other ITV stuff

Margaret Trowell… Jan, cor you were posh ..we could only get BBC. I had to go next door to watch ITV! I was so jealous of my friend lol

Pete Houghton… I remember those days

Kate Recknell-Page… Yes likewise always full of fun xx

John Beeching… CRACKERJACK. (Will people please stop saying that word)

Andrew Clifton… Part of childhood memories

David Wilkinson… That lad’s got a moustache !!! And is the woman on the left Eamonn’s ma ???

Paul Huggins… Yes that’s just what I say on Fridays…it’s Crackerjack…in other words pay day

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