Have you ever opened a can like this?

supplied by Rosenfeld Jeno

Colin Bell… In 1966….nearly open now

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Colin, I hated those tins, first few twists and it would usually slip off the edge of the tin & the contents was usually spam, which I didn’t like either

Andrew Bantock… Still do. Corned beef.

John Williams… Well them little keys open supermarket trolleys if you aint got a pound try it

Jeanette Jones… Instant cut fingers! Vegetarianism is the answer

Dave Weeks… My memory is cut fingers

Stuart Moir… Yep certainly did

Russell Field… I still do

Eric Evans… Yep got the cuts to prove it

Robert Fisher… Yes, like Eric got the cuts to prove it

Kate Recknell-Page… Yep most annoying when the key actually breaks off to


Graham Sherrington… Widely used in Florida I have a pair of pliers in the draw just in case.

Yvonne Ellis…Hated them. Hate them now x

Mike Waghorne… Spam,spam,spam & more spam

Mick O’Dowd… The Fray Bentos pie tins are worst. Tin opener, screwdriver, cutters & hammer required!

Jane Kilby also Birmingham… Is this Spam mail! x

Angie Pilbeam… Did a tin of corned beef yesterday

Beki Milton… Always went wrong

Judy Atkinson… I remember opening tins of sardines with a key – if you put it on the wrong way it would get jammed, then you’d have to use a can opener on the other side

Paavali Mears… Oh Yeah. Once I prepared the meal usually with Chips and Baked Beans difficult to tell what was blood and what was Ketchup

Jerry Wright… Anyone who has cut open their hand on this blooming tin, will know! I buy my corned beef pre sliced from the supermarket nowadays!

Andy Ives… Still do

Rontenn2001… Even now in 2021 we still sometimes have things like that to open (eventually!)

Tracy Birrell… Throughout my youth…..a bloody death trap…

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