Did Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby play The Crypt in Hastings in 1981?

Knees… greetings. I was wondering if you, or someone you know, might remember if Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby played at The Crypt club in Hastings in 1981. One question is simply if was something the club might have booked in that era – a folk act with prog leanings…
I have a tape of a couple of songs, just says The Crypt 1981 but says NY. Always assumed New York but there was no club of that name in NY, so… Hastings seems like a good bet. The guy who runs The Strawbs website is interested as it is one of 2 missing years where they have no entries at all for the band or offshoots. Basically looking for gig confirmation and would love to have a date, but realise that might not be so easy. Thanks for your time!

Martin Richter… NY – New Year ?

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