Is that Huggy? Any idea who this group is on Hastings Pier? Confirmed The Plastix

supplied by Clive Richardson

Martin Richter… Plastix ?

Tony Ham… Clockwork Criminals?

John Gale… nah, Plastix

Roy Stacey… It looks like the Plastix

Pete Houghton… I think it could be the Plastix

Virginia Davis… Looks like Plastix. Used to go to their rehearsals in some hall in Bexhill with my friend who was going out with one of them at the time.

Huggy Leaver… Plastix, me Wilma sago and oghead,. Never seen these x

John Gale… great photos aren’t they Hug ?

Ken Copsey… I would almost certainly say that was Huggy and the Plastix. Lack of bass player is a bit of a give away. What’s the venue? Not the pier as they audience appear to be on the same level as the band?

Anton Ludwig… Carlisle upstairs?

Yvonne Cleland… Looks like a charity gig Huggy did at the Chatsworth.

Ian Johnson… Looks like Huggy he was in the Plastix

Clive Richardson… It’s definitely the pier because I took the photos and the band played on the floor.

Alan Esdaile… Could it have been The Lurkers gig?

Huggy Leaver… I think it was The Lurkers gig

Ken Copsey… Wasn’t the Lurkers gig. I was at that one and Huggy, playfully pushed Dave Blackman away from the front of the stage with his foot on Dave’s chest. Think this must have been from an earlier Pier gig where the main band didn’t want them on the stage!

Peter Fairless… Thursday, 16th February 1978 – Die Laughing, Head On and The Plastix

Ken Copsey… So these pictures are only two weeks after the Lurkers gig. Funny to think that only 8 months later Huggy was in a tonic suite but at least they let him on the pier stage then and a few others. Life moves at a pace when you are young (ish) !

Tony Court-holmes… the legend that is Huggy

Ken Copsey… What a difference a year makes .Different barnet but they were at least letting him on the stage.

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