Die Laughing – broken van & supporters on the way to The Marquee photos from Clive Richardson


All photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Pete Brazier…  I knew of their existence but the first time I have Seen Them😁 Better late than never lol

Kaz Brazier… was just going to say I just spotted my dad

Terry Corder… I remember it well. Oh how we laughed, not at the time though. Brilliant photos!

Diane Leigh… could you name the girl on first photo with blonde hair think its someone I knew she died day after her 24th birthday if its who I think it is.

Tim Moose Bruce… Terry, I remember the coach going past the van up that hill. You were driving. The centre seat was lifted to access the engine and I think it was Lol pouring oil into the smoke machine, er , I mean, engine. I was on the coach. Remember going up the hill on Sevenoaks bypass when it became very foggy. The fog coming from the van exhaust.

Terry Corder… Tim, used to do that a lot you know.

Ken Hatch… Looks like a “Derritron” outing

Ken Copsey… Great pictures!

Chris Meachen… Chris Rudge prominent in first photo, along with Annie.

Pete Brazier… It was a great Show too! (Still think Die Laughing should have won! (Outnumbered by the more Punk Orientated Groups! The only other group that stood out to me was a band that had a song “Worlds one And only Talking Arse!” The singer kept trying to look like he was singing out of his backside! A move to be made popular in the future by Jim Carey in Ace Venture Pet Detective.


Jim Jim & The Jims – The Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 5th Feb 1980

15. 5th feb 1980. jims

A Tuesday Night in Hastings in February 1980 and always a packed house for Jim Jim & The Jims.

Pete Prescott… Amazing band.Only played for a year. Ray Fenwick Pete Shaw Dermot Murphy Andy Caine Andy Qunta and me. Then later we were joined by Terry Pack and when they were around Wes Magoogan Steve Kinch Tony Qunta and Tich Turner.one or two gig had ALL of the above. Someone said it sounded like a fire in a pet shop! I did get a bit bored by the very long solos (at the beginning the songs were shorter And snappier).one blues jam lasted 27 mins! but such a great band. Amazing players. A lot of fun !

Andy Qunta… Fire in a pet shop, Pete? Ha ha! Great!

Ernest Ballard… Remember all the Jims well.

Andy Qunta… Funnily enough I was just listening to a recording of the Jims that someone (Pete Shaw I think!) kindly sent me. What a great band, and so much fun! When’s the reunion gig, fellow Jims?

Martyn Baker… They were a great band to see and hear live, but I still curl up with laughter, remembering various members of The Teenbeats worshipping Ray’s guitar solos! Loved it all.

Mark Gilham… Comedy Gold. Wish I’d have been there.

Phil Gill… Mark, it was comedy gold. Ray called them babies. They did the “We’re not worthy!” routine 20 years before Wayne’s World.

Pete Prescott… The teenbeats were bit unhappy with Ray one night and the piss taking got out of hand. Ray was playing the intro to Smoke On The Water ha ha ! The local paper mentioned it. I have the clipping somewhere. Ray played some amazing guitar in that band. In the studio he could be a nightmare but he was responsible for some great music and recordings at that time. I would love to sing with him again.

Martyn Baker… As a disinterested member of the audience that night in the Chatsworth – I found it hilarious Pete! The music was fab though!

Pete Prescott… I have the same tape Pete gave to Andy. Good memories. Smoke from a distant fire by the Sandford Townshend band. What a song !

Andy Qunta… Yes, that was a really fun song!

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Die Laughing at The Marquee – 1st July 1979


supplied by Mick Mepham

additional photos by Clive Richardson

Melody Maker Rock Contest 2nd Head.

Andy Qunta… That’s a great pic! Rock n Roll!!

Ernest Ballard… Mick Tez and Lol. You guys rocked. Great pic and sure a lively memory

Joe Knight… 67 68 69 use to go there plus Wardour St (upstairs down stairs)

Tim Moose Bruce… I was there. Great day. And they got through to the final. Remember chatting to one of the judges. A guy called Sting…

Pete Houghton… Yes what a great photo of the band

Willie Wicking… Great memories Always Remember the gig in the caves came out with a head full of sand & ears ringing for days

Terry Corder… I remember it because Lol and I walked 4 miles each carrying the gear in. Worth it though for a fantastic night.

Trio wanted for Combe Haven – advert from February 1967

Martin Richter… 8 bar solo followed by 8 bars glass collecting ? <sorry> nicked that from Spike Milligan

Geoff Peckham… Confession: During this season and ’68, I, and a couple of other lads in mid-teens, hung out at Combe Haven caravan park offering ‘holiday romances’ to girls of a similar age and persuasion. Can’t remember if we had any takers…..

Dave Weeks… I think it was the done thing at the time. I remember sneaking into the swimming pool at night too. No real security then

Terry Pack… I did that trio gig in about 1983/4. The trio was called Tuxedo Function. We used to back the turns and the talent shows. The organist was a really nice guy who knew no tunes and didn’t busk, so he sight read everything from a huge pile of songbooks, often mispronouncing the words. We once did Get Back with a very uncomfortable ‘swing’ feel because neither he nor the drummer had ever heard The Beatles’ version, and he sang that Jojo had left his home in Tuck Son, Arizona. It was a strange gig. We usually had no more than a handful of bored punters and a few screaming kids. Most of the turns were fans of Jim Davison and Bernard Manning, and sang in ‘the club style ‘ as exemplified by Vic Reeves and Billy Connolly. They usually had charts that were unnecessarily complex, written by ‘arrangers’ with no notion of the gigs that these turns were doing or how dodgy their singing was. The results were a hilarious series of missed key changes, tempo changes and codas, and unsuccessful rallentandos.

Patricia Burgess… Met my husband there in 63, love the Talismen , think they have all past now

Andy Knight… I was a bottle boy at Combe Haven in 67, I can’t remember the trio, Temperance 7 played there (there was 8 I remember), Cedric Utley was the Bar Manager who did a Bed of Nails act when the cabaret didn’t turn up, Mr Edwards the other Manager, had my first Whiskey Mac at the staff party because David Kenny the owner drank that, never again, Dad had to pick me up, asleep in the laundry room

Roland Clarke… Was the 8th one an alcoholic?

Andy Knight… Roland, the trombone player wet himself on stage once, so maybe, or just a weak bladder!!


Fine Fare supermarket Queens Parade Hastings – closing 1973

Who remembers Fine Fare?

Nigel Goodman… My parents used to shop there

Virginia Davis… I’d completely forgotten about that shop !

Jim Breeds… An oxymoron, I believe

Dennis Torrance… My mum shopped there to . Must have been one of the first type of stores price items price right another

Dave Nattress… Yes, Fine Fare, I recall it. Also, which song by a very notable British Band who played Hastings Pier contains the line, “Thankful for her Fine Fare discount, Tess Co-operates”. Iain Cobby will get it!!

David Miller… Aisle of Plenty – Genesis. Do I win some Peak Freans Family Assorted for my prize? How about a ticket back to see the the SEBTP tour at the Rainbow or Drury Lane?

Pauline Richards… Didn’t it become ‘fads’ after?

Martin Brown…  Looking at the picture, it looks like FADS and it a dance studio I think above it ? am I correct perhaps

Kev Towner… Yes – it did become FADS.

Tony Bowles… FADS – Half the homes in Hastings must have bought wood chip wall paper from there at sometime or other!!!!

Julie Findlay-jones… My mum and dad used to shop there and then we would catch the bus back to Hollingdon.

Barry French… I remember my Mum collecting S&H pink stamps from Fine Fare. These were the same principle as collecting Green Shield stamps.(Fill a book/books with stamps & redeem them for a gift out of a catalog)

Dennis Torrance… I used to lick them put stamps in books my mum could not stand licking stamps.

Alan Esdaile… remember doing that.

Carol Paffett… Those were the days

Dave Nattress… And well done to David Miller!!

Iain Cobby… Yes , thanks Dave. Still alone in o-hell-o,See the deadly nightshade grow………….. Missing you old friend.

Dave Nattress… Nice one Iain, your name often comes up in conversation with friends and first daughter who is my gig buddy. Told her again recently about college days with you and Paul Durrant and Damaris and the bands we all liked – none less than Genesis I might say. I recall at one of the pier gigs, Paul proudly announcing he’d just had a P in the same toilet as Peter Gabriel. For you, Chris Squire and the Ricky featured highly of course. “Star Tiger” and the whole Bermuda Triangle saga still intrigues me!! I can recall your rendition of “Liar” by Queen resounding through the college classroom. I intend to get to a SMART meet soon and will hopefully see you then.

Lloyd Johnson… Anyone remember the naff clothing shop called ‘Huckles’ on Queens Parade?.. Kep’s Casuals was the best shop!… I never went to Cyril Savages it seemed a thousand miles away to me back then…

The Deep Purple – The Happening Club Kings Road, St Leonards photo & Canterbury gig.

The Happening1-1

St.Mildred's Hall Dance.

supplied by Peter Horton, last photo supplied by Len Benton

Peter Horton…. The photos show our original singer Kevin Clark who became manager/ Transport Manager when Tich joined Deep Purple and Mick O’Dowd left as manager. Before we became Deep Purple on Friday 4th August, 1967 we were called ” The Likes Of Us ” . We were all originally school friends from Bexhil and first got together in 1963. We went through many changes of names and members. The photo is taken at The Happening Club, Kings Road, St Leonards.