The Continental Coffee Bar/Nest Club – Hastings


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Clive Richardson & ? at The Continental. supplied by Clive Richardson

Lynn Graham… Who remembers the Continental with Dick Masters at the table at the top of the stairs?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The Continental in Robertson Street. Used to go there all the time when I first moved to Hastings in 1971, downstairs was the ‘smelly’ disco with the juke box! Same people in there all the time, loved it!

Andre Martin… Go back about 7 years and it would have been the Nest Club, with live groups on Friday & Saturday Night – now that was really packed !!

Peter Fairless… How could you ever forget? I think this might have been a bit before my time, though!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Spent a lot of time there drinking coffee & putting money in the juke box!

John Busbridge…  I used to play down there in a group called the Fugitives.

Eric Harmer… Was that with Richard Chamberlin John

John Busbridge… No, I was with Keith Attwood and Jim Beadle.

Glenn Piper… I think the young lady had a twin

Kevin White… you’re right,her twin was Julie, this is Jane.

Lynn Graham… Worked for John now and again.

What was your favourite coffee bar/cafe as a teenager?

Peter Millington… The Tatar Frigate in the High St then the Pam d’or then the Fiesta

Patricia Burgess… Remember the Fiesta

Lloyd Johnson… The Pamdor,Queens Road, Hastings!

Anne Buchan… The Chat noir (Black Cat) Hastings but on reflection is was a death trap. If a fire had broken out, you’d have been trampled to death. One wooden stair case for entry and exit and people sitting all the way up the stairs.

John Gale… Mando Bar, a little place late 70s at the bottom of the steps that go up to Pelham Crescent, next to the DeLuxe, painted black inside, wasn’t there very long…… And Dimarcos (the one where McDonald’s is now) and the Fiesta, of course.

Nick Webb… The Fiesta always, could stay for hours loved the jukebox and Sue the waitress and her long dark hair. Many happy and few sad hours spent there

Stuart Barrellie… The Pop Inn, in St Leonards !!!!

Mike Mitchell… Fiesta! Frothy coffee, spag bol and a great jukebox

Simon Fraser… Fiesta.

Bernard Goffredo… Fiesta was the place to hang out

Sally Evans… my mum worked at the Fiesta Bern x

Kev Towner… The Golden Egg.

Sid Saunders… The Lido, more a bikers coffee bar

Di Veness… Black Cat

Linda Lowcock… Black cat !

Paul Cullen… Linda, Le Chatte Noir (the black cat)do you remember Lax and Illonka who ran it

Di Veness… Paul, they kept everyone in line for sure. Looking back they are probably the main reason it was so good up there.

Ralph Town… The hi fi in the old town officially known as jooks jive joint lol.

Nicola Dobson… The Pamdor

Jenny Power… The Lido

Chris Meachen… The Lido, Black Cat, Fiesta, Wimpy / Mando bar, plus The Continental.. ( many a game of table football with Mick Mepham in the latter..)

Mick Knights… Apart from the times I incurred Eric’s displeasure and found myself banned, if you didn’t frequent the PamDor you were considered, back in the day, not to be the full ticket!!

Phyllis Mendenhall… Mick, Eric was the bouncer come manager of the Pam dor and it was a great place to hang out , I should know I worked there when it very first opened. the Pam dor was launched in York buildings right opposite the old Sainsbury’s , it was first called the brunch bar if I remember it correctly ,that was on the ground level next door to the maypole grocery store, then work was carried on upstairs which was the first Pam dor.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The Continental in Robertson Street, where I met my friend Wendy in 1971 & we’re still great friends to this day!

Pete Millington… Leigh, That was the Nest Club in the ‘60s

Kev Carleonis… The Continental, Robertson Street

John Mcewen…The black cat. Was run by a Polish couple who were trapeze artists in their younger days. And the continental.

Sue Strong… John, loved it up there they were a lovely couple, I remember Black Night by Deep Purple on the juke box

Andy Qunta… The Fiesta. Great memories!

Judie Struys… The Lido

Colin Doherty… Many a large coffee supped in the Fiesta

Heather Carter… Black Cat, Lido and Lens

Eric Burgess…The Lido! Bikers paradise

Patricia Burgess… Anyone remember Barry Herbert used to serve coffee in mid 60;s at Fiesta

Ian Tee… The Heaven and Hell, Soho. Heaven was upstairs and yes Hell was downstairs , froffy coffee. Happy days

Pauline Richards… How about the Criterion

Chris Howard… The Cordoba Brighton.

John Warner… 2 I’s in Soho, one of my old haunts, run by professional wrestlers Ray Hunter and Paul Lincoln! Happy memories. In Maidstone it was a cafe, the haversnak alongside the Granada cinema.

Tracy Birrell… Fiesta and Dimarco’s.