Man with umbrella on the pier – who is it asks Clive Richardson

supplied by Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson… Anyone remember who this is?

Paul Huggett… Young Steve Wright very drunk at a BBC party..?

Jim Breeds… Gene Kelly. Doo di doo doo doo di doo di doo dooooooo…..

Mike Waghorne… Jim, singing in the rain ?

Yvonne Cleland… Looks like someone I used to know called Jack.

Alan Esdaile… I recognise him and remember him from a few gigs on the pier.

Martin Richter… kevin turvey ?

Phil Gill… It’s seventies super hero Umbrella Man. Following a bizarre lightning strike on Hastings beach in a ferocious storm, 20 year old Tom McGee’s umbrella was fused to his brain, generating super powers in young Tom.


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