The Beatles – Hippodrome Brighton

supplied by Caz Simpson

Caz Simpson… I went to see the Beatles in Brighton when I was 15, many years on I contacted the Argus to see if they still had the photos of me in a mess. They did, my father never spoke to me for ages because I made the news… Ho hum. Very fuzzy as copied from micro file. I made the same page as the Beatles! Oh and that’s silly me on the left. I didn’t stop for breath! I so wanted to marry Paul.

Patricia Landamore… Oh dear Caz 🙂 I did see them in Brighton, xx

Caz Simpson… So why didn’t they photograph you? You were much prettier! My dad burned the paper, he was furious.

Lloyd Johnson… A whole bunch of us from The Pamdor went to see The Beatles at The Brighton Hippodrome. It was The Roy Orbison Tour and Roy Orbison conceded top of the bill to The Beatles the evening we saw them.i.e. he came on before them because he said the theatre would be empty once they had played their set as all the kids would rush around to the stage door to see them off in their tour coach, which is exactly what  Helena Kingshott, Lexley Thewenetti and I did. the coach was pulling away by the time we got to the back of the theatre and The Beatles were pulling funny faces and waving at us..a great night ..cherished memories….I was a deck chair attendant at the time and I didn’t collect all the deckchairs up from the beach that afternoon/ early evening as I didn’t want to miss the coach Les Martin who helped run The Pamdor had organised for The Roy Orbison/The Beatles show. the next day I got called into the Deck chair managers office under the promenade at Warrior Square . He said I had the sack because 84 deck chairs had floated out to sea….

Helena Kingshott… What a brilliant discription of a fantastic time. Thank you Lloyd for this reminder

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