Anyone remember the skiffle group Jeanagers?

Lloyd Johnson is looking for any photos or information on skiffle group Jeanagers. This is all I could find from 1957…

Jeanagers Will Be in TV Show On Saturday there was a capacity audience at the Brighton Hippodrome for the second heat In the Carroll Levis Discovery Show, In which the Skiffle Group from Hastings were taking part. They were all a little tense and nervous for they realised that win in this competition would mean an ITV date in the Carroll Levis Show. Once on stage, however, the group never hesitated and their version of The Cotton Song” was so popular that the audience started applauding before the group had finished singing. The Jeanagers had a shock, though, when another competitor scored more points on the recorder than they did. They were not disappointed for long because after the show Carroll Levis asked them to sign the contract to appear in his programme. This will tele-recorded one Sunday this month and the actual screening on ITV will be on the Wednesday immediately following.
Lloyd Johnson… Brilliant! Thank you for finding this Alan….I always remembered what the groups wore when I saw them .The Jeanagers who were pupils of Hastings Secondary School for Boys/Priory Road school played in front of the whole school one morning at the end of assembly thanks to Mr Henshaw the headmaster showing interest in them and of course being extremely proud of them therefore allowed the show. They looked great for that period of time, I think it was around 57/58.They wore black jeans with black western shirts with white fringes which I think one of the Mum’s made. They reminded me of The Cisco Kid and Hopalong Cassidy because of the black and white themed stage wear.

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