Looking for more local 60’s group photos and info.

Lloyd Johnson says… I was just thinking of local Hastings groups I remember from my youth so that would be early 60s not 70s. it would be nice to see photos anyone has of the groups from those days, here are a few groups I remember….Johnny and The Chevs, Brian Baker and The Senators, The Talismen, The Tuxedos,The Confederates, Humperdinks, The Redcoats,Tony and The Defiants I’m sure there were more but these are the ones I remember.

Alan Esdaile… we do have number of these on the website but always looking for different photos of these groups and information, Thank you.

Mike Waghorne… Unabridged Telephone Directory from mid to late 60’s !

Harry Randall… Circuit 4 mid sixties ( named after a Watkins guitar) Chain Reaction mid to late sixties

Jane Hartley… I seem to remember one called Index.

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