John Martyn – Live At Leeds University Album 1975

supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds…..Melody Maker 13th September 1975 and John Martyn is selling his Live In Leeds album from his home in Coburg Place, Hastings. Island records refused to release the LP but allowed John to do so independently and even gave him an Island catalogue number to use. Production difficulties delayed the release and by the time the orders were ready to be fulfilled he was back out on tour and most of the work fell to Beverley. My copy of the LP is number 3261. This advert is from the book that accompanies the box set “John Martyn – The Island Years”.

John Wilde….I worked with Beverly. Packaging and mailing records, visits to the post office 3 times a day. For anyone that is interested I sat in on the Inside Out recordings where I did the album art which was used in the gatefold cover. A real honour and extraordinary pleasure hanging out with such legendary artists.

Jim Breeds…. I read that he was not at all happy with this ad when he saw it, so perhaps he didn’t draft it?

John Wilde…..Yes pretty sure this was not Johns style. I was his roadie for those dates and then went to europe with him. It was an eye opener and great fun. We know what an original John was and to see him recording with Steve Winwood, Chris Wood (Traffic), Bobby Keyes, Remi Kebaka (Traffic) and Danny Thompson was a dream come true to me. I will never forget it.

Tony Davis… We should get the council to put something up on the address perhaps a blue plaque

Jim Breeds… said similar in the J. M. FB group, but the council wouldn’t be able to help, I don’t think. I think it would be down to the likes of us to try to do it.

Andy James Long… Tony, I’ve been in touch with John Bownas with regard to just this. He’s going to look into it and find out how to go about it. If I hear anything back from him about it I’ll let you know, it’s something I’ve thought about for quite some time!

Jim Breeds… It’s come up before, possibly in this group. The Biddy plaque in West Street is a good example of the community getting it done. We could tap into that expertise.

Tony Davis… Failing that I suppose another possibility is John’s favourite watering hole….The Nelson



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