These albums are 50 years old in 2021

supplied by Brandon Platt

Mark Rodrigues… Linda McCartney Ram?

Stephen Singleton… With a little help from Paul

Tony Court-holmes… got a lot of them

John Gale… Wow, thats quite a list… A classic year clearly

Mark Gilham…Rather sobering tbh

Peter Thomson… I remember at the time reflecting on how wonderfully timeless all my 1921 albums were.

Pete Prescott… I’ve got a good few of those. I still play them. I wonder long the list will be of today’s classic albums in 50 years and how they would compare. Obviously each generation has their own music but some of these are being listened to by young people today. Some wonderful albums. I’m glad I was lucky enough to have heard (and sometimes seen) them as a teenager.

Graham Sherrington… I have two CD’s in the car Marvin Gaye and Yes both bought in Woolworth’s in RYE.

Mick O’Dowd… I know it has always the older generation downing the music of the youth of the day throughout time but, when I listen to todays music, with only few exceptions, can I see REAL classics in the making. Too over produced so how can they recreate them live without miming? I know this practice has been going on for a great many years and we probably have seem “live” performances that weren’t.

Dave Nattress… Got over half of these on vinyl obviously and then a good few of them on cd’s also. 50 years – almost unbelievable but true. To have really started listening to the pop of the day in about 1963 when I was 10 lived through the rest of the 60’s, the pirate era, 70’s, punk, 80’s and indie, etc. etc. and been to many gigs, done a good few with local bands, and still music is so important- a charmed life indeed!!! A great period to have lived through.

Alan Pepper… Have still got about ten of these, but have seen twice as many slip through my hands in the past. What a great year though !

Earl Grey… “Linda” McCartney: Ram is a personal favourite. Who wrote this list?

Julie Findlay-jones…That’s just scary .

Patrick Lewis… I have 18 of them. Classic year

Colin Bell… The greatest albums of The Doors & The Who here, where did the time go?!


The Original Mojo Rhythm Kings – 1960’s

Supplied by Brian Hills

Brian Hills… some pics of the Original Mojo Rhythm Kings, (‘Mojo’ because we played the Lovie Austin Blues Serenaders ‘Mojo Blues’ as our signature tune! personnel is Pete Kitcher – tpt, Vic Goede – tbn, Brian Hills – clt, Max Nye – bjo/gtr and Chris Dyson – dms. No date but 60’s

Tuesday’s Children 1967

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… I’ve looked through some of the photos on this site, but couldn’t find this: Tuesday’s Children, July 1967, shortly before Phil Cordell left for a solo career. Formed in mid 1966 from the ashes of The Prophets the original line up comprised: Phil Cordell lead vocals guitar, Mick Ware vocals guitar, Paul Kendrick bass, Derrick Gough drums

Colin Bell… I have their autographs from when i was working backstage when they appeared on Hastings Pier in 1967 or 8, can’t remember exactly. The signatures are Paul Kendrick, Del Gough, Bob Hodges & Mick Ware (guitar). Happy Days!

Ashley Davies… Phil Cordell is my old band mate Charlie’s dad both great guitarists

Charlie Cordell… Here is a pic of the magazine 15th July 1967. (My dad is in the middle) he told me they were on a photo shoot for it and broke into the cloakroom to “borrow “ clothes for the photo, Tuesdays Children were on the front cover and look who was on the back.

Robert Searle… He was a good bloke Charlie.

Stuart Moir… Wow look at those stage clothes, Centre Page used to dress for the stage but not to that extent, I’m impressed



The Mariners – rear cover photo 1975


supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… This is from the rear cover of their 1975 album “The Best of Folk. Sleeve notes by Shirley Collins, another Hastings musician. The Mariners were (With where they are in the photo for the ones I can be sure I have matched names to faces properly): John Towner (2nd from left), George Copeland (3rd from left), Ted Bishop, Michael Verrall, Geoff Marchant, and Garry Blakely (2nd from right). Garry lived next door to a good friend of mine (Brian Chainey, who had something to do with Mad Jack’s Morris at some point) and George and I were in the scouts together.