Dixon Of Dock Green – the world seemed a lot safer in those days.

Brian Hepburn… Morning All

Stuart Moir… No internet to keep track of the Krays etc etc, I grew up in London and most people have no idea how bad it was then the gangland was more guns than knives and took no prisoners if you get my gist

Roger Collier… Why was he still a constable past retirement age?

Richard J Porter… I know officers that remained as a Constable for their entire career.

Mike Mitchell… Mind you, Jack Warner got shot in the end didn’t he?

Roger Collier… You must be thinking of the film, The Blue Angel.

Jim Hobbs… It was the Blue Lamp

Tim Anderson… He got shot in the film “The Blue Lamp”. He was brought back to life for the TV series Dixon of Dock Green!

Roger Simmonds… My mum loved him !

John Warner… Jack Warner, real name Jack Waters, brother of Elsie and Doris Waters, old time film and TV actresses.

Tony Ham… Evenin’ all.

Roland Clarke… You didn’t have 24 hour news telling you all the bad things that were going on not just here, but all over the world, plus with over double the number of people alive now, you would statistically expect crime to be twice as much!

Coco Pops… I think he was the first British Policeman shot on a British TV Show.

Rachael Cope… I remember PC Barry coming to school every month

Chris Jolly… Evening all…

Joe Bennett… “Ello ello ello”

Jonathan Mendenhall… How fabulous..I was 6 and remember Dixon followed Dr Who ..black and white tv..Dr Who William Hartnell. best Dr ever..x

Pauline Richards… The actor that played the sargent in it lives locally and I saw him today!!!! Don’t know his name but I think his wife is German. I would recognise him in a line up!

Tony Ham… Nicholas Donnelly? He was also in Grange Hill.

Lyn Humphrey… The Krays never dared set foot in Dock Green!

Peter Checksfield… Not bad for a character that was shot and killed in the ‘Blue Lamp’ (1950). That Dirk Bogarde’s a bad ‘un.

Gary Dixon… I was named after him a few times in the school playground

Jeanette Steve Jones… Evening all

Stewart Rockett… Beat me to it!

Angela Frances Gardner… Goodnight all!

Harry Norcliffe-hic… This was back in the day that they saluted you.

Harry Randall… And back in the day when they walked a beat and new everybody especially rogues in the area! They used to clip your ear if you bad mouthed them! Respect not like this day and age when they don’t know what No means



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