Who remembers school milk?

Pete Prescott… During the winter of 63 it was so cold the milk froze and as it expanded out lifted the foil lid off of the bottle. They became like milk Ice lollies ! When it was summer I hated it as it became warm and tasted off to me.

Matt Thomas… Got a malted biscuit as well at Elphinstone Infants

Chris Meachen… Loved it in the winter, would eat the frozen bit as ice cream, but didn’t like it warm in the summer. When I got to senior school they kept it in a chiller until break time, then I couldn’t get enough of the stuff..

Julie Findlay-jones… Hated it I always struggled to drink it all and was always told off.

Mark Praid… Great with a Mint or Orange Yoyo Choc biscuit at 11.am if your hanging around the sand pit.😉 Avoid at all costs the few remaining milks at four o clock – when the sun has shined through the classroom window on them all day.

Dennis Torrance… I remember at school they tried to give it to us frozen should have supplied sticks as well

Doc Racer… Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher

Linda Day… Gross couldn’t stand it not a lover of milk even now put me off for life lol

Lloyd Johnson… 1/3 of a pint bottles…

Neal Hunter… it was always warm because they put it on the radiator

Lyn Humphrey… Used to enjoy getting the 1/3 pint around 11am–sometimes 2 bottles if class numbers were down. One lad once had EIGHT bottles during a flu epidemic……..then he was sick as a dog.

Dave Nattress… Hi Lyn, and who was that boy, I’m sure it wasn’t you and nor was it me!

Mike Waghorne… I was a milk monitor when at secondary school , had to get the milk in and sort it into the classes ready for them to collect,there were always left overs now i know why i dont like large amounts of milk !

Pete Prescott… I was a milk monitor once or twice. I remember hating it in summer and loving it In winter when the milk was cold. The birds ised to peck through the tops for a drink. In 63 it froze and pushed the tops out as the milk expanded.  We found some old bottles at an antiques centre and have them in the kitchen.

Heather Sidery…I remember so well!

Tony Court-holmes… then Thatcher stole it

Jim Hobbs… Tony, dropped as no longer relevant to the health of kids as malnutrition had been eliminated with better diets after WW2.

Pete Fisher… Remember it well, was always so glad when the morning break came around, and the chance to down a bottle (or maybe two) of milk and scoff a doughnut…Mrs T. stopped it in 1971, the year I did my O levels…10 years later, when she was PM, the band I was in (based in Norwich) dedicated our first single to her…that’s me playing all the guitar…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGGWrRLV4jU

Pete Houghton… used to look forward to having my bottle of milk sometimes I had two bottles

Andy Qunta… Yup!

Garry Wonfor… I recall one Summers day, probably in the early sixties, when I complained to the teacher that my milk was lumpy and smelled like fish!!…I was made to stand before the class and drink/eat the milk as punishment for my insolence….My old Dad was always a gentle man, but on that occasion he came very close to punching my teachers lights out!!…. thank God times have changed!

Andy Davies… Often curdled in the Summer, that was absolutely puke making!

Jon McCallion… Yep

Leigh Wieland-Boys… It was ok in this country but when I was a child living in Malta it was always tepid (& invariably ‘on the turn’) 🤢 as a result I cannot bear drinking milk 🥛 ‘straight’ or even seeing others drinking it! I’m a queer old bird apparently!!!!


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  1. Used to enjoy getting the 1/3 pint around 11am–sometimes 2 bottles if class numbers were down. One lad once had EIGHT bottles during a flu epidemic……..then he was sick as a dog.


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