Who remembers the WEM Watkins Copicat – vintage tape echo unit?

photo: Satellite Record Studio – The Bunker.


Lloyd Johnson… I had one of those!….I remember Melvyn Grant’s Watkins Copicat in the 60s, it was two tone coverings ,one cream and the other light blue both coverings had dark flecks…. Melvyn Grant, Kenny Comfort, Lynn Grant and Brian ‘BONZO’ Redfern had a band called ‘Humperdinks’ and use to play The Regent Club under the Regents Hotel in the 60s.

Jeffrey Beadle… I loved them great sound

John Harper… Great sounds. I still have 2 of them!!

Colin Fox… I had one, they were great until the tape broke half way through a Shadows instrumental.

Phil Foley… Once played a bass through one at a rehearsal studio which had Jeff Beck’s gear in it at the time. Interesting sound to say the least

Mark Randall… I wish I still had mine. So If anybody has one with ‘The Screens’ stencil sprayed on the top cover …….

John Williams… Used to sing through one of them

Alan Essex… Still got mine, still in working order.

Ian Tee… I used one for years for solo gigs. Still have it somewhere. Excellent bit of kit.

Rick Startin… Never owned one myself but I borrowed one for a while and loved it, apart from the rather alarming buzz I got off it whenever I touched it. There’s something special about tape echo.

Carole Truffle… Used to sing through one of them when I was in a band, a good few moons ago, brillant for just giving the voice some kind of richness in sound and echo, just right for giving you a bit of confidence

David Finn… Used to repair them!

Steve Fox… I still do

Wee Jock… Nice wee unit I sold mine a few years ago. These units need to be earthed now.

Alan West… remember fixing them and the earlier valve ones ewwwwwwwww

Chris Howard… Our first couple of bands used them they were great, but as Colin said not if the tape broke during an instrumental.

Jean Brett… The old man has still got two and still working

Andy Qunta… I think we had one with Factory in the ‘70s for our vocals, and later I used one with my Mini Moog. Great machines!

Mike Waghorne… I had one in the 70’s

Stuart Moir… We had one of those in the early days of Suspect/Centre Page, a brilliant echo machine and easy to maintain as we made our own tapes

Gaz Linch… Had one for years, bought off Tony Bird. Threw it away when it went wrong. Big mistake

Andy Caine… Here’s mine. Bought from Tony Bird a long time ago!

Tony Bird… Andy, it must’ve been a good one then

Broadoak Studio… I have that exact model!

Ricky Long… Used one of these for 10 years never a problem

Alastair James Thompson… I had one of these ! Awesome !

Ralph Town… I’d love one now along with a Dallas Rangemaster


who remembers Halfords when it was in Queens Road Hastings?

Dave Nattress… Yes indeed used to go there. Weird thing even little old Bexhill had one in Devonshire Road would be early – mid 70’s. Now we have these much larger stores like at Ravenside. Some have bays for carrying out services/repairs I think.

Nigel Ford… Doesn’t seem long ago? Next to GAMLEYS toy shop.

Tracy Birrell… I remember it well.

Steve Thorpe… ….and Gamleys!

Pete Houghton… Good times! Remember Halfords in Bexhill

Only one CD on a Desert Island, what would you take?

Linda Day… Older george michael

Eric Peckham… Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.

Lauren Gower… Solid air

Keith Cowper… Lila Moore. Musical memories it would keep me singing while I try to find enough wood for a fire!!

Eric Harmer… Maybe just a single. “ message in a bottle “ or the very best of  Sandie Shaw

David Edwards… Much to hard to choose so much depends on your mood.

Tim Moose Bruce… Dark Side Of The Moon

Liane Carroll… Sibelius no 5. Berlin Phil with Herbert xx

Mick Bolton… Oh yes!! I have that CD – the brass at the end are bigger and brassier than any other performance I’ve heard. Wonderful!

Mel Wilson… This Desert Life – Counting Crows.

Max Marriott… Verdi Requiem

Roy Penfold… It is probably cheating, but Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, would keep anyone in music for some time…

Judith Monk… Mozart Requiem

Tony Ball… Sleep walk, Santo and Johny, appropriate?

Peter Brazier… the up coming album ”Now That’s What I Call Every Song Ever Recorded!” lol

Leo Langelier… Ventures

Alan Esdaile… Still can’t decide but would need something to play it on.

Janet Rennie… Rumours

Ralph Town… Electric Warrior deluxe edition.Its where music started for me,so a bit of Bolan would be great.

Clifford Rose… Commercial Album by The Resisdents – in case I had a spare minute.

Dave Nattress… Great question!  Hopes and Fears by Keane or a very old fave, Dark side.  It’s a toss up.

Jim Breeds… Acker Bilk – Stranger On The Shore. Actually, any CD would do. They all make good bird scarers tied to a tree.

Bart van Dommelen… Peter Gabriel – So.

Alan Pepper… Wow that’s a tough one. Depending on what mood I might be in ? At the moment
What’s Going On ( Marvin Gaye )

Can – Hastings Pier 16th May 1975


flyer supplied by Roger Carey

Pete Fisher… Missed this one as I moved to London the previous year…one of my first flatmates there was a big “Krautrock” fan, and we listened to a lot of Can, Kraftwerk etc. Can set up their Inner Space studio in a disused cinema in the early 70s in a little town called Weilerswist, which happens to be just a couple of miles away from here…about 15 years ago I was part of sessions at Conny’s Studio on the outskirts of Cologne (photo album here at FB), formerly run by the late Conny Plank, who produced albums for Can, Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, Ultravox and many others…

Peter Houghton… Can played a great concert and afterwards I went back stage and then they signed my flyer for me

Pete Fisher… After moving from Hastings to London in late 1974, I shared a flat with a drummer who had all the Can, Amon Düül, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream albums, so I became quite familiar with Can’s music. I moved to Germany in 1995, and in the 70s Can had their studio in a converted cinema in Weilerswist, a couple of miles from where I’ve lived since coming here. Bassist Holger Czukay continued living there until he died in 2017.

Alan King… fuck – best band ever


Bedroom wall posters – what was yours?

Can you remember what posters you had on your bedroom wall?  My sister had The Walker Brothers & Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours. I can remember The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Ursula Andress ‘She’ film poster and Christopher Lee Dracula among others. In the 70’s I had the Be Bop Deluxe Axe Victim.


Matt Thomas… Farrah Fawcett

Lauren Gower… Bowie and still have,framed now tho!origional virgin poster,again framed now.loads of others including a maxell carrier bag with Pete Murphy on it

Philip Meston… The Easy Rider Poster

Tim Moose Bruce… Badger by Roger Dean and the posters from Dark Side Of The Moon album

Will Cornell… Vintage B&W Chaplin, Keaton, WC Fields, and writer/radio jock Jean Shepherd (“A Christmas Story”) that I paid $1 each for–they gave way to freebies from albums like the Milton Glazer Dylan, White Album pics and poster, that piece of crap that came with “Let it Bleed”, Who Live at Leeds assorted stuff (that morons still think are the real contracts and try to get them appraised on “Antiques Roadshow”), The Band Stage Fright and more. Full page ads from the paper announcing tour dates, album releases, whatever, worked good too, This gem I still have thanks to my mother’s instinct not to trash it…from NY Times 12-21-69 during John & Yoko’s Bed in or some such antics…#1 Question at my record store in the 80s: Wide eyed kid (who’s never spent so much as a dime with you) gawking at your walls…you ask if he needs any help. “Um, um yeah, what do ya’ll do with those posters from the record companies once you take them down?” overheard comment at my record store in the ’80s: high school girls over at the poster rack (where we actually sold posters), flipping thru the display frames, they come to the one in slot B7: “OmiGod DuranDuran, quick Tiffini, come look, quick!!!!!!!!”


Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I was Duran Duran …. everywhere, including the ceiling!

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