Henry Darrow R.I.P.

Heather Sidery…. I used to watch that! 🌿💐RIP Mano

Pete Prescott… He was my favourite character.

Judy Atkinson… and mine

Faith Brooker… Me too!

Tony Stevens… Have seen it maney time on tv from 60s too now. rip

Wendy Weaver… R.I.P Mano.

Jacquie Hinves… Mine too Pete. RIP .

Linda Lowcock… My favourite

Willem Rietdijk… R.i.p

Perri Ann Haste… I used to love that series as a kid. Lovely character.

Stuart Moir… Always in great westerns RIP

Amber Turner… Loved this.

Steve Thorpe… Great character actor

Tom James Cowan… There’s a great scene where Mano and Buck are doing the washing up together, Mano makes him dry properly!

Nuttall Summerfield… R.I.P. little Joe

Judy Atkinson… High Chaparral seemed to be on constantly, but they never repeated the Virginian (with the gorgeous James Drury, who popped up as the sheriff in Alias Smith & Jones, and Doug McClure)

Tracy Birrell… I loved him as Manolito in The High Chaparrel.

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