Who enjoyed Are You Being Served? First aired, 21st March 1973

shared from British Music Hall Society : Home of Music Hall & Variety facebook page.


Nadia Compagnone… Tremendously un PC, but very funny and great characters.

Fiona Evans… The un-PC comedies were the best. Can’t beat them !!.

Pete Houghton… One of my favorites TV Series from the 70s

Graham Sherrington… its aired here in Florida every Saturday Night on PBS along with Mrs Bucket and other old Brit TV sitcoms.

Alan Esdaile… I remember doing a disco in London for the whole cast of Are You Being Served, even the nurses turned up! It was for Access credit card company who had a promotion for their staff called Are You Serving Well. The ones that did well got to go to the film studio to see the tv series being filmed and a meal and disco after. Speeches were made and Mrs Slocombe (Molly Sugden) said something along the lines of, I’m very sorry I can’t stay long, I need to get home, as I having trouble with my pussy!

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