Music on the move – Philips car stereo cassette player

shared from Pop Culture and Nostalgia facebook page

Graham Sherrington… my old 2004 Hyundai Elantra had one.

Martin Richter… what is interesting is that this *new* technology has come and been made obsolete within our lifetime! along with the CD – the worst part is watching them on *tomorrow’s world* and thinking how great they were!

Peter Fairless… The one I feel sorry for is Mini-Disc, that lasted minutes. Shame, because it was very good.

Martin Richter… Peter and what was the Digital Tape? (or betamax)

Peter Fairless… DAT, d’y’mean?

John Bownas… Just found my old minidisc player along with one single, solitary disc… may use it next time I am DJ ing… Don’t forget Phillips Video 2000 – we had one of the only film rental libraries in the UK for that on the Isle of Wight… far superior to both Betamax and the rubbish VHS that finally won out.

Peter Fairless… I worked with a guy who had thousands of karoke tracks on laserdisc, he must have spent a fortune

Tim Harris… Bought up on Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush on 8 track !!

Chris Wood… And it connects to your battery….who’d thought it. I had a very similar device which was mounted in the compartment on the drivers door on my first mini, it wasn’t till the second mini when I had a fancy replacement dash with a hole cut out for a radio….good times

Chris Meachen…My recently purchased 2003 Volvo came factory fitted with a combined radio, CD & cassette player, & it all actually works! I’ve rediscovered a few of my old tapes & listened to stuff I’ve not heard in years.. They do sound dull, though when compared to cd’s..

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