who’s rocks most under appreciated drummer?

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Stephen Singleton… Pete Best

Colin Bell… Mick Tucker, no question.

Robert Bobbert Pellett… Tico Torres

Will Cornell… I’m going with Richard Thompson’s drummer Michael Jerome….he’s also done work with Charlie Musselwhite and other studio sessions. A big part of the RT Band show being my favorite RT show of all the times I’ve seen him was Michael Jerome.

Nick Monaghan… Ronnie Tutt

Martin Richter… stumpy joe ?

Earl Grey… Martin, Eric “Stumpy Joe” Childs?

Steve Thorpe… Clem Burke imho

Mark Rodrigues… Ronnie Tutt

Roger Carey… Nollaig Bridgeman of the original Skid Row – Irish rock trio who featured later to achieve much recognition on guitar and vocals Gary Moore and Brush Shiels on bass and vocals. They were highly adventurous and exciting young players at the beginning of the 1970s. Nollaig (or Noel )had a great style and technique, perfect for what the band were doing….

Julian Humphries… me, im underated at how bad i am

Phil Gill… Richie Hayward, Little Feat. He could groove a trench from here to France.

Reid McDuffie… Phil, fantastic drummer. Saw him with Little Feat but also with Robert Plant in 83 where he astonished me playing matrial recorded by Phil Collins, Barrie Barlowe and Cozy Powell

Ian Mcgilvray… Mick Tucker

Paul Huggett… Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons)

Roger Carey… Paul, Terry Bozzio is one of the most extraordinary drummers of the modern rock age. Not sure that he’s the most unappreciated Paul- any particular reasons why you picked him? One of the most exciting to watch drummers I ever saw…

Paul Huggett… Roger, yeah maybe extraordinary would be a better word, but he’s not as widely known as some. It’s just I happened to be listening to some Missing Persons stuff yesterday, and he does things that are quite… Baffling. 😄 I could come up with a few more including Jerry Edmonton from Steppenwolf… And maybe purely on underappreciated, Phil Collins in his day

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Spyke – Queens Hotel Hastings – 10th April 1971



supplied by Peter Millington. https://pet842.wixsite.com/confeds-to-jinks

Chris Sayer, Ian Williams, Terry Chedzoy,  Peter Millington.

Pete Millington… The fourth line-up of SPYKE playing at the Queens Hotel 10th April 1971 – Looks like we’ve just been told “Trust me lads – the cheque’s in the post”

Chris Baker… I thought I was the only one with a daft haircut in those days! 😁

Pete Millington… We all had ’em along with everyone else!

Yvonne Cleland… Ah still miss Chris. x

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers the band called the Town Council?

John Busbridge… I always remember Chris singing “Lady came from Baltimore”!

Did you used to have to ask to get down from the table?

Alan Esdaile… Always

John Gale… same here and God help me if I didn’t

Dawn Mann… Yes most definitely, and couldn’t get down without clearing the plate. Xx

Perri Ann Haste… As kids we were always in such a hurry to get down & Rush off to play we shortened it to ” Get down please! ”

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Always

Lloyd Johnson… yes! always…

Julie Findlay-jones… Yes and I’d be in trouble if I didn’t

Carole Prescott… Yes

Martin Stringer… Yes.

Rosmary Hughes… Yes and no elbows on table

Pete Prescott… Yes

Heather Sidery… Yes

Pauline Richards… Definitely!

Helena Kingshott… Definitely yes

Paul Cullen… Absolutely

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes. I still wait until everyone has finished. I don’t begin eating until the other person has started either……and I demand everyone has drinks and condiments before we start as people leaving table after irritates me unless it’s host who may be checking food (normally me)

Colin Bell… Absolutely.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep!

Ron Tennant… Yes!

Richard Downer… Every blinking time

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