Did you used to have to ask to get down from the table?

Alan Esdaile… Always

John Gale… same here and God help me if I didn’t

Dawn Mann… Yes most definitely, and couldn’t get down without clearing the plate. Xx

Perri Ann Haste… As kids we were always in such a hurry to get down & Rush off to play we shortened it to ” Get down please! ”

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Always

Lloyd Johnson… yes! always…

Julie Findlay-jones… Yes and I’d be in trouble if I didn’t

Carole Prescott… Yes

Martin Stringer… Yes.

Rosmary Hughes… Yes and no elbows on table

Pete Prescott… Yes

Heather Sidery… Yes

Pauline Richards… Definitely!

Helena Kingshott… Definitely yes

Paul Cullen… Absolutely

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes. I still wait until everyone has finished. I don’t begin eating until the other person has started either……and I demand everyone has drinks and condiments before we start as people leaving table after irritates me unless it’s host who may be checking food (normally me)

Colin Bell… Absolutely.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep!

Ron Tennant… Yes!

Richard Downer… Every blinking time

Derek Johnson… Yes. We had to ask if we could start eating.

John Warner… Always and the answer was when you have finished everything on your plate!

Chris Howard… Yes we did

Faith Brooker… Oh yes.

Steve Thorpe… Yes

Phyllis Mendenhall… My children were told to ask to leave the table and they have never forgotten and they are all grown up now

Jane Freund… Absolutely!

Wendy Weaver… Yes. And I didn’t bother to ask when someone was still eating.

Mick Burt… Yes

Mike Cramp… But. Did you get down or get up from the table ?

Judy Atkinson… Definitely. Get down

Rachael Brophy… Yes definitely

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed! Even now!

Matthew Thomas… me too and I live alone

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Yes

John Harper… Yep and not until I’d eaten all that was in front of me and not before everybody else had also finished!

Colin Gibson… I was always tied to the table during mealtimes, sometimes for days

Russell Field… Colin, we also had chairs that were no go areas if you were a child and relatives that smoked in your face at the table. Manners are important but nostalgia isn’t always great or quite what we think it is.

Paul Kemble – Bielecki… Defo

Tracy Birrell… Yes,and so did my children.

Linda Holter… Always else got a clip round the ear.!!

Stuart Moir… Nah don’t be silly couldn’t afford a table we were lucky to have food

Lorraine Page… Yes

Brian Hepburn… Yes

Martin Curcher… Still do, can I get down please?

Nick Prince… Yes

Andy Davies… Yes of course!

John Williams… What was a table lol

Claire Hamill… No it was always chips in front of the telly for us lot , the table came into use years later when we’d sit around it arguing after the pub. I miss those days. I miss my family but luckily my kids and I still carry on the family tradition! X Minus the chips and sadly in these COVID days, minus the pub too!

Pete Prescott… We always ate at the table. My brothers and I always asked if we could leave it. I followed that with my children. It was the time to ask them about their day and talk as a family. I miss those days. I don’t think the girls had to ask to leave however.

Derek Johnson… We had to ask to start eating.

Angela Gardner… We had to wait until everyone had finished.


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