Tarbox shoe shop St Georges Road, Hastings 1977

Anyone remember getting shoes here?

Sid Saunders… Yes, we used to get the children’s shoes there with a provident check

Pauline Richards… Yes my great uncle had grocery shop opposite. Mannings

Dawn Leaney… Yep! Loved going there as a kid.

Keith Blizard… Yep, lovely family as were their predecessors

Paul Bryant… I loved that shoe shop.

Lesley Bowles… Yes, as a child all my shoes came from there – It had a special smell in there

Matt Thomas… Feet measured and thinking the contraption was going to clamp my foot lol

Phil Gill… Never bought any shoes there, But I did have a big crush on Ann Tarbox when I was 12.

Nigel Sherwood… think I had a similar crush at around 14

Alan Esdaile… Used to be taken here and Halls Robertson Street, to get my shoes.

Richard J Porter… My wife used to live in the flat over Halls

Linda Day… Omg we lived next door other side of barbers

Trevor Unwin… Yes

Carol Paffett… Yes we went there

Neal Hunter… I worked in Priors butchers opposite

Jon McCallion… Yes Julie remembers the shop next door to Mannings greengrocers and Wally the hairdresser the other side. She also remembers Ann Tarbox their daughter. Also remember walking down from school at lunchtime to have the crackling of the fish at Whitefriars fish shop and then walk around the corner to buy some cigarettes maybe number six then on to the Westhill to enjoy the lunchtime, never thinking they could smell this on our clothes when we got back to school

Steve Mann… Yep

Adam Earley…. Yes monkey boots

Mick O’Dowd… I always went to Halls in Robertson Street and measure my feet in the x-ray machine. They also had the overhead money transfer cables & pods as well.

Tony Davis… Yes many pairs as a kid

Annette Munn… I remember with great fondness the two brothers who ran the shop in the 1950s. The tall one was fearsome but the shorter man was much more friendly. It was a delight to stare in the window & then actually get a pair of ‘ballerinas’, soft black velvet shoes with a little bow, much like ballet shoes. I also had a pearl leather pair of shoes which I put on the box in my bedroom & when i woke up they were there in all their beauty!

Gary Benton… Who remembers Frankie Thunders at the top end of Priory Road? Do ya want blakies? I can still remember him saying in his high pitched voice.

John Mcewen… Gary and the paraffin shop next door. You had Myers newsagents, Queenie clout the bakers and the green grocers at the top of mount pleasant rd. Can’t remember the grocers name but my dad used to go fishing with him a lot.

John Mcewen… Always got out shoes from there as a kid.

Lloyd Johnson… I don’t remember this shoe shop but I remember ‘ WINTERS SHOE SHOP’ who sold Denton winklepickers in the late 50s early 60s….

The Grenadier Casino Club and The Dolphin Ballroom and Langney Motors – outside 60’s

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

John David Martin… My mum worked there, the owner was Don Smith

Graham Bradley… you are right John, Don was a great guy, he also had the other club in Priory Meadow.

John David Martin… Graham, he first opened Dennies

Graham Bradley… John, also had The Ridge Club with John Hails

Beki Milton… They’re funny looking arm chairs aren’t they

Kevin White… Beki, funny looking cars too!

John Warner… You forgot the Witchdoctor!!

Sophie Ash… Flagpole still in place – there are four deco-styled flagpole holders on the building. All are still there.

Pauline Richards… Yeah The Witch Doctor with those coloured floor lights that made some clothes see through!!

John Warner… Now she tells me!

Robert Searle… And Cobweb

Simon Fraser… And Aquarius!

Peter Millington… No Simon, the Aquarius was in the Old Town! Then converted into Saturdays.

Pete Houghton… I remember those days.And the old Cobweb night Club

John David Martin… Don Smith was involved with the Aquarius as well remember all the top bands played there