The Tommy Cooper Show – White Rock Pavilion 9th July 1978

Matt Thomas… Two people I remember from my time at the theatre getting a mention I see – Phil Cronk & Roger Dennett

Pete Brazier… I had just finished cleaning the Pier Ballroom when I saw him enter the Pub on the pier! Wearing a light grey suit and so Tall! Too embarrassed to say anything I just Smiled and Nodded! And he smiled back! Wish I’d said something but then I wasn’t as forward as I am now lol (that was before I had stood at the front of a band for the first time! Surprising how that makes you more confident each time you do it

Rosemary Hughes… Took my Son and Niece to the cinema in Eastbourne and who should we sit next to Tommy and his Family what a laugh that was. He laughed after everyone had stopped and then bought us all an ice cream in the interval


Oldies Unlimited



Anyone remember the firm Oldies Unlimited? We used to give out these catalogues in the shop. Interestingly the owner Antony Lewis lived in St Leonards before he set up Oldies in Telford. I used to buy Led Zeppelin USA import singles from him to sell in Stylus.

Redstar Richter… yeah!!

Nick Prince… Yes. Ive still got a credit note from them somewhere.

Darren Holmes… Being young Mods in late 70s/ early 80s it was like our bible trying to get hold of certain sounds! I use to biy loads from your shop!!! Lol

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Ordered lots from them

Matt Thomas… Spent a big chunk of my wages on them lol

Nigel Ford… Yes I still have a catalogue somewhere. I bought a number of ex-juke-box 7″ singles though from ads in Disc & Music Echo in the mid 60′s with the plastic inserts in place of the original centres, sometimes receiving 2nd choice items as what I really wanted had sold out.

Mike Vawdrey… I used to buy from them in the early 1990 s but they dropped me off the mailing list when they relocated – to Wolverhampton I think. Some good bargains especially vinyl at a time when it was going out of fashion(no more of course). There is still an Oldies Unlimited Shop in Wolverhampton ….

Carol Healy… I have a catalogue sales no 2, when does this date too?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry don’t know the date Carol.

Tony Ham… I remember Oldies Unlimited, also remember Adrian’s, who I have just Googled and found they’re still going.

Barbara Foulkes… Brilliant company, I bought loads of singles from them

Mido Leppard… Yes i bought from their catalogue many time and they shipped me the records but where are they now ? and is the shop Oldies unlimited on facebook belongs to them ?



Who remembers TV Rediffusion switch boxes and black boxes.

redifusion box

supplied by Nick Prince  1066 and all that  facebook page.

Nick Prince… Who remembers these in the corner of their living rooms? Or black boxes with miles of unsightly cable being strung from house to house. Particularly popular in Hastings and St Leonards where television reception was bad in parts of the borough but also in Bexhill and the surrounding area. I seem to remember it was BBC 1, BBC 2, Southern, Thames/LWT (obviously the later was Rediffusion until 1968). Was it Radio 2 and Radio 4 also? Thames got replaced by Channel 4 when that started, Southern by TVS due to the former losing its franchise and so on…… Do you remember which letter the switch had to be on the get each channel?

Bryan Sandra…I still have one in my wall.

Robert Wren… I remember in the 70’s the TV stations would close down early due to strike action and we would switch to the radio……and this is where I heard John Peel play New Rose by The Damned for the first time! Went to Disc Jockey next day and bought it………life was never the same.

Andrew Freeman… My mum worked for rediffusion up on the estate taking and booking calls.

Jim Hobbs… The switch photo is of a later type. I remember we had two switch boxes, one bigger than the other. I think one switched TV sound channels and the other video channels. It was in a way ahead of its time as cable TV predates satellite TV distribution. I remember the hilarious announcements that were inserted into the feed if there was a problem with the system.

Chris Meachen… They also used to carry announcements from the local police at times.. I remember having a separate speaker under the tv for listening to the radio, ’round the horn’ being a favourite when I was a kid..

Jim Hobbs… Round the horn was just amazing. I loved this show on a Sunday lunchtime as a kid but couldn’t fully appreciate it until later when I could get the adult jokes and references hidden in the scripts. Great team too.

Alan Esdaile… I remember holding the aerial to get a better picture. Your standing holding it with your arms in the air or stand it on a box to get a signal. As soon as you sat down, you lost it again!

Bryan Sandra… Does any one remember Radio Rentals I think they were called ? They came after Redifusion and we had a meter on the telly that took two shilling pieces . It always ran out at a crucial moment and we Would miss the end of a programme !

Colin Fox… Worked for them in the 60’s in Eastbourne. I fitted a few of those, outside on the wall. we used to run a cable from the box, through the window frame into the control box on the wall. Colour tv was introduced about 1969, but was very expensive. Most people started to get colour from about 1976. I actually learnt to drive in one of these vans.

Barry Newton… I worked for Redif in Rye when we set up the system, Hastings, Eastbourne, Lewes and Sussex uni. Great days. We used to call ourselves erection specialists, LOL

Roy Penfold… Spent a fairly happy 9 months working for them as a teenager, delivering and installing TV’s & Videos, although they were known as Granada by then. Left (due to an accident) just before they moved the depot from Ponswood to Bexhill.

Dave Nattress… Definitely remember Rediffusion in the house I lived in with my parents in Bexhill, cables strung along the fascias of the houses and the control box on the wall – remote controls back then, no chance.  Would it be early 70’s for colour and then Teletext on BBC and Oracle on ITV?  One old TV we had – B &W, way back when, used to suffer from a bad horizontal hold, (I think it was), and my old man used to literally thump the top of the TV and this would temporarily bring an improvement and get rid of the wavy lines.  I assume the thump rattled the valves or whichever component was at fault.  The very first TV actually had about a 15″ screen set in a huge great highly polished tall cabinet.  I can smell those hot valves now – just like an old Marshall Amplifier.

Chris Baker… We lived in George St in 71. Pete Willshire, (Batty Bill in the band), worked for Reconfusion, (as he used to call it), and provided us with a naughty connection, which apparently caused interference for a few doors either side of us in George St. We never knew until one day they tracked it down. 🙂

Pete Prescott… Very well. The first flat in Queens Road had one

David Wilkinson…. Had one installed in our seafront flat in Brighton. Television reception in town centre was non-existent. Landlord was well up for it. Friends in Lewes had this or nothing. Ironically their telly was stolen one Bonfire NIght – but it wasn’t theirs – it was Redifussion !!!!!!! ha ha ha

David Finn… Lots on Rediffusion here: Including the worlds first consumer fibre optic system.

Steve Vollrath… Had a top box as well, so they could could viewing numbers, think my dad said something about getting Rediffusion a little bit cheaper.

Nigel Goodman… Yes

Ian Cramp… yes had this in the first house I bought in Sandown Road

Rachel Rayburn… Yes used to work there!

Michael Wilson… A+B were radio 4 + radio 2 on ours. Radio 2 used to change to radio 1 at 10’clock just in time for the John Peel show

Terry Hardwick… Yes

Dennis Torrance… My mum had rediffusion in 1963 little black box on wall outside . A Home B light service C BBC2,later on 625 lines D southern E London F bbc one . Had trouble in summer always picked up French Channel s but in all good service. Ps nightmare having to get up change channels lol

Mr D Kerr… think that there was one such system operating in Ballymoney Area with its head end up near to the telephone exchange, not sure as it has been a long time since I was around that area

Tim Moose Bruce… THIS IS A REDIFFUSION ANNOUNCEMENT!. Anyone remember that interrupting the programs. I think Rediffusion make aircraft flight simulators now

Andrew Clifton… Yes, we had the white switches in the front room in our old house.

Pete Brazier… My brother worked for Redifusion!

Dennis Torrance… A home service b light programme c bbc2 D southern e London f bbc1. BBC 2 started 1966 I think I remember having not only to get up change Channel but at first push in 625 lines as well to get bbc2 lol

John Mcewen… The original remote control!


WD40 do you have tight nuts?

original source: unknown

Peter Thomson… A wonderful product, it apparently stands for something like “water dispersal project, attempt 40”. It was American – not British. Apart from traditional engineering uses I discovered that it cleans almost anything off almost anything else! If you can tolerate the smell for a few hours, the chrome radiators in the bathroom come up like new.

Peter Millington… I’ve been using it for years

Allyson Breeds… Funny but fake

Roger Simmonds… Good stuff used to spray in damp distributers to get engine going again back in the day!

Will Cornell… I hate to weigh in with yet another pun, but it’s true. If you spray it on a lure, it helps catch more, ahem, fish.

Gerry Fortsch… Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it?

Ross Holter… Nothing is worse than tight rusty nuts

Conan Howard… never use this stuff on car door locks as it turns into jelly . its fish oil based… warned..its not a lubricant but a water repellent…..

Tom Jones and The Squires – Hastings Pier 24th April 1965

tom jones

Sheila Maile… Can we have him again?

Peter Fairless… It’s not unusual to be dropped suddenly by the BBC…

Jill Caine… More memories! Oh yes. He is another one I saw when working in the Pier bar! Happy days.

Yvonne Cleland… Wow! I didn’t know TJ played the pier!

Carol Ann Bolton… I remember seeing him on TV for the first time. He was a sensational singer but not my type. Too showbizzy.

Sally Evans… I was there and spoke to him afterwards, lovely man.

Colin Fox… We supported him at the Whitehall East Grinstaed in 1965. In fact we played there several times and I used to take one of the posters off the wall at the end of the evening. Unfortunately I threw them all away many years ago. We also supported the Kinks, P J Proby, the Searchers and many more that I can’t remeber at the moment.

Kay Lobb… I was too young to be allowed to see him then. I had to wait over 50 years to see him live in concert on the sands in Cornwall. Still got the voice. He was on stage for nearly two hours.

Eric Harmer… Kay, Two hours. !! Its not unusual