Oldies Unlimited



Anyone remember the firm Oldies Unlimited? We used to give out these catalogues in the shop. Interestingly the owner Antony Lewis lived in St Leonards before he set up Oldies in Telford. I used to buy Led Zeppelin USA import singles from him to sell in Stylus.

Redstar Richter… yeah!!

Nick Prince… Yes. Ive still got a credit note from them somewhere.

Darren Holmes… Being young Mods in late 70s/ early 80s it was like our bible trying to get hold of certain sounds! I use to biy loads from your shop!!! Lol

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Ordered lots from them

Matt Thomas… Spent a big chunk of my wages on them lol

Nigel Ford… Yes I still have a catalogue somewhere. I bought a number of ex-juke-box 7″ singles though from ads in Disc & Music Echo in the mid 60′s with the plastic inserts in place of the original centres, sometimes receiving 2nd choice items as what I really wanted had sold out.

Mike Vawdrey… I used to buy from them in the early 1990 s but they dropped me off the mailing list when they relocated – to Wolverhampton I think. Some good bargains especially vinyl at a time when it was going out of fashion(no more of course). There is still an Oldies Unlimited Shop in Wolverhampton ….

Carol Healy… I have a catalogue sales no 2, when does this date too?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry don’t know the date Carol.

Tony Ham… I remember Oldies Unlimited, also remember Adrian’s, who I have just Googled and found they’re still going.

Barbara Foulkes… Brilliant company, I bought loads of singles from them

Mido Leppard… Yes i bought from their catalogue many time and they shipped me the records but where are they now ? and is the shop Oldies unlimited on facebook belongs to them ?



WD40 do you have tight nuts?

original source: unknown

Peter Thomson… A wonderful product, it apparently stands for something like “water dispersal project, attempt 40”. It was American – not British. Apart from traditional engineering uses I discovered that it cleans almost anything off almost anything else! If you can tolerate the smell for a few hours, the chrome radiators in the bathroom come up like new.

Peter Millington… I’ve been using it for years

Allyson Breeds… Funny but fake

Roger Simmonds… Good stuff used to spray in damp distributers to get engine going again back in the day!

Will Cornell… I hate to weigh in with yet another pun, but it’s true. If you spray it on a lure, it helps catch more, ahem, fish.

Gerry Fortsch… Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it?

Ross Holter… Nothing is worse than tight rusty nuts

Conan Howard… never use this stuff on car door locks as it turns into jelly . its fish oil based…..be warned..its not a lubricant but a water repellent…..