Rennie’s Nite-Spot Priory Street Hastings – Opening 1976

Janine Anne Scott… I was down there singing with them. 🤦‍♀️xxx how long ago 😱. I was 16 .

Jim Breeds… Had more than a few chicken in baskets in there!

Janet Rennie… Ha , so that’s why I love Hastings . Family ties

Martin Brown… Rennie’s / Dennie’s we use to love it

Julie Morris… What ever happened to chicken in a basket and sticky carpets! Happy days!

Terry Pack… I used to play with Harry back then. I don’t know if I was on this one…

Joe Knight… Great times

Tom Walton… Harry Walton, he was my dad

Lynn Graham… we were neighbours with the Waltons. Lived in the flat below them.

Sandie Carlyon… I used to know Harry. Great sessions at the Warrior Gate pub in St. Leonard’s. Lovely man and great musician. Sad way for him to go.

Chris Howard… Used to play there on a Thursday night with Centre Page in early eighties great venue.

Stuart Moir… We did Chris many a good nights playing in that venue

Chris Howard… Loved those days Stu

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